Take THAT you crazy, picketing psycho’s!

I’m not a fan of religious nut balls. Not at all.

I’m also married to a Marine.

Can you guess who I hate?

The Westboro Baptist cult has been dealt a “severe” blow by Congress. I don’t see how it’s a severe blow. I don’t think it’s good enough honestly. These wack-a-doos need to just be locked away in the mountains of Siberia.

They picket military funerals, and pretty much anything they can. They say anything bad that happens to America is “God’s will”.

Okay now, I grew up Methodist, married in a Baptist church (Not really our choice, the church I grew up in wasn’t available.), and you know what…I would NEVER have thought about doing HALF the shit these people do. Seriously, how do you call yourself a christian and justify picketing things like that? Why cause more grief to families and loved ones while they mourn for their lost family member? How can they live with themselves knowing the hate and bigotry that they are embedding in their children’s minds?

I couldn’t live with myself if I taught my boys to think and behave like that. Hell, I’d spank the shit out of them if they ever acted like that. But the world doesn’t have to worry about that. Greg and I are raising them to be accepting of all people. We are teaching them to be respectful of the military. (Hell their FATHER is a Marine. Their Uncle Lee was a Marine. Their great-grandpappy was a Marine. Their Uncle Jeff was in the Army…TONS of military. In fact I won’t be surprised if one or both join when they’re 18.)

I guess in a country of free speech, this is a small victory for those who are picketed by them. At least they aren’t allowed at the location during the funerals.

It also baffles me how they are able to pass as a church. They aren’t a church. They’re a god damned cult. That’s what they are. A cult. A horrible, disgusting one at that.

There is a special little spot in Hell for them. I hope they enjoy being roasty toasty.

Oh, go read a news article about it HERE.


4 thoughts on “Take THAT you crazy, picketing psycho’s!

  1. It’s amazing what some nuts will do, and they honestly think they are doing the right thing. Where are their minds. I have seen them on TV disrupting funerals of military people, and they think they are doing something great? I’m glad I don’t belong the same “church” they do.

    • I can’t wait for the day when they’re declared a cult and NOT a church. I mean they claim to be a Baptist church and even the Baptist church has denounced them.

      If the same “church” you claim to belong to says, “Nuh, uh, you aren’t part of us.” that should be a hint to the Government that they can’t hide behind the claim of “freedom of religion”

  2. Yeah, i don’t know, but all those years of church and I never once heard a message about hate or oppression or being a douchebag. It was all “love they neighbor” and don’t judge others and “whatsoever you do unto the least of my people, that you do unto me.” I have no idea what bible those assholes have because it sure doesn’t resemble anything I was ever taught at church or CCD or anything.

    • Same here. All my years of Sunday school and bible study, and yeah…nothing in the King James Version or the Student study bibles I had. We also learned to love thy neighbor, do unto those as you would have done unto you, turn the other cheek, and all that jazz. Never once did I see a passage about God saying, “And thou shalt go forth and picket military hero funerals because there are gay/lesbian/transgender people in the world”.

      These psychotic wack-a-doos are hiding behind a “church” claiming it’s “freedom of religion”. THIS is why atheists and other “non-believers” hate religion. These nut balls give a bad name to all Christians…and they AREN’T Christians!!! NO WAY! Bunch of lying assholes who will be sitting next to Hitler as they die off.

      I say as they die and funerals are held for them, the rest of the country goes to picket them.

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