Feel like going on a crazy ride with me?

Well, the book is published… (Click the picture to be taken to the Amazon page to purchase it. Which you can read Kindle books on your PC, smartphone and Ipad, just download the app for it.)

But my journey isn’t over.

No, I have SO much more that I need to do. I have promoting, marketing and more writing. This is turning into a full-time job. I don’t mind though. I’m enjoying it. So with all the hard work that serious, self-published authors put into their books and getting out to the public, why do some people still have such a thing against it? Self-publishing, while “easy” to do, isn’t easy.

Right now, I don’t have an entire team of people behind me. Sure I have my friends and family encouraging me, but they aren’t doing my marketing, my promoting or my editing. Okay, not all of them are helping me edit. If it weren’t for Mojo, my book would be shit. This is why Mojo is the most awesome person ever.

I’ve already contacted the Post-Gazette, Trib and Valley Independent, so my fingers are crossed that they are interested enough to do at least some small article.

I’m a complete nervous wreck here. My book, right now, is 48,563rd on the Kindle store.  48,563 down. Soooooo, GO BUY!

Okay, seriously though, I didn’t realize just how hard this whole process is. Do I regret going down the self-pub route? No, not at all. I enjoy having the control and I’m seeing my book out a lot earlier than I would have if I went the traditional route.

So, welcome to the beginning of my crazy journey.



I am available for guest blogging, interviews and reviews on the new book are more than welcome!


3 thoughts on “Feel like going on a crazy ride with me?

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  2. I AM THE MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER? Woohoo!! haha Glad to help. If you publish all of your books during summer, I’ll have nothing to do and can help edit all of them. Good luck with all this marketing and stuff!

    • Mojo, I have no idea what I would do without you. You were such a tremendous help.

      I LOVE YOU! lol

      When I have my celebratory night out…you will be there!

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