The Dark Knight Rises

Pittsburgh is becoming Hollywood of the east. I’ve seen tons of comments from people around the country/world who are just baffled WHY Hollywood big wigs would ever want movies filmed here. I mean sheesh it’s Pittsburgh! (Yeah, thanks for insulting such a historically important city ya jag offs)

It’s simple.

Pittsburgh is f*cking awesome.

Okay, okay it could be that our film tax credits are lower than anywhere else.

George A. Romero turned us into zombie central. 99.999% of us ‘Burghers are zombie fiends. Hell, even my 4-year-olds love zombies.

Bruce Willis, Jean Claude Van Dam, Tom Cruise, Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christian Bale, Justin Long, Elizabeth Banks, Seth Rogen, (unfortunately) Kristin Stewart, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Watson are just a few of the Hollywood famous who have been in movies filmed here. Trust me, the list is a lot longer. A LOT LONGER.

The latest movie filmed here, and is being released at midnight on July 20, is The Dark Knight Rises. I remember when the filming was going on. For us here in Pittsburgh is was a HUGE pain in the ass. Traffic sucked while they were here and they cut down our trees in downtown. BUT, it was so cool. Seeing snow in the middle of the summer, seeing the batmobile just chilling downtown and the thought of seeing our Heinz Stadium “blowing up” is exciting.

Christopher Nolan directed and Christian Bale is back as Batman, Morgan Freeman is Lucius Fox, Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon, Michael Cane is Alfred, Tom Hardy is Bane, Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, LIAM FREAKIN NEESON is Ra’s Al Ghul just to name a few.

The plot is…Having assumed responsibility for the crimes of District Attorney Harvey Dent in order to protect his reputation, Batman is chased into exile by the Gotham City Police Department. Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the appearance of the mysterious Selina Kyle sets in motion a chain of events culminating in the arrival of Bane, a ruthless terrorist with plans to destroy Gotham City. With the future of the city at stake, Batman must emerge from his exile and confront Bane to bring about an end to his reign of terror

Some of our own “local celebrities” were involved in the filming. Various Steelers and the mayor have minor roles, and the stadium scene with all the fans is nothing but ‘Burghers. That’s right, put us in a movie and we wear jerseys.

It’s exciting seeing our landmarks as the backdrop for movies. It’s exciting seeing talented actors and actresses just walking around our streets and enjoying our city. Pittsburgh isn’t just a steel city anymore. While yes, a slight stench of smog hangs in the air, it’s something we love. Our skyline is amazing and it’s about time at least Hollywood is recognizing our potential. Even if it is for the tax breaks and what not.

In fact, when Jake Gyllenhaal got a Steelers tattoo on his lower back when he left. Okay, so it was fake, but still. That’s something. He temporarily had the Steelers logo on his body.


Oh, go see the Dark Knight Rises on Friday. It was filmed in downtown, Oakland and various locations around the city. Fun times.


2 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises

  1. That’s awesome, especially with how big that movie is supposed to be. The only claim to fame I had growing up was Field of Dreams being based in my childhood state, to actually have the city be the sight of so many movies is just crazy cool.

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