Are you really anonymous?

If you are a pedo bear…you better watch out.

Okay so I’m late to this game. Back in October the group Anonymous (the infamous hackers who allegedly hacked PSN’s servers) launched a new attack. This time, against the pedophiles of the world.

That’s right. This group has a twitter hash tag #OpPedoChat where average citizens from around the world can report any and all pedophilia containing websites.

That’s right folks, they are doing what the law can’t/won’t do. They are shutting these sites DOWN.

Okay, so technically it’s a form of vigilantism and technically it is illegal; HOWEVER, I have to give them credit for what they are doing. They are using their powers for good. They are helping rid the world of these disgusting, sick and twisted nut jobs.


So those of you who are pedophiles, watch out, because you aren’t really anonymous anymore.

Go watch the video.

They also hacked a bloggers website that was/is “pro-skinny”. She glorified anorexia and put down celebrities who weren’t skeletal thin. Her most recent was model Kate Upton because of her curves. Kate Upton is a beautiful woman. This blogger called her fat, a cow and a pig because she wasn’t a skeleton.

Since being hacked by Anonymous she has since had to change web hosts and is no longer “pro-skinny”.

This poor excuse for a woman claims to be in the fashion industry with ties to New York and Hollywood. She claims to be 5’8 and 100 lbs. Apparently that is what a girl is supposed to be. Tall with all the bones sticking out. Whether the girl is really “changed” is yet to be determined. It is entirely possible she’s advocating a “healthy lifestyle” and is no longer Pro-skinny just to keep people and Anonymous off her back.

I wish she’d just stop blogging. The last thing young girls need to read is a supposed fashion industry person advocating anorexia and being emaciated.


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