And the housewife gets another year older

Today was a very important day.

In France.

It was Bastille Day for the French. Yup, today they celebrated their independence day. Go French folks!

Here in the U.S. it was just another day for most everyone else. For a few of us, it was “our” big day. It was the day our mothers served us with eviction papers.

What? A mom would evict their child?

HELL YES! 27 years ago my mother served me with my eviction notice. She gave it to me early though. She kicked me out of her uterus.

Or you could look at it as my sort of independence day. The day I declared to my mother, I want my freedom! And escaped from the wombed jail I was kept in for 8 months. (Yeah, I broke out a month early)

So, today was my birthday. I celebrated my 21st birthday for the 6th time.

What did I do?
I worked 12 1/2 hours, ate 2 HUMUNGOUS burgers, fries and ate my weight in ice cream cake.

I’m so full I think I may hurl right now.

I didn’t really plan on working, I just forgot to request off. So I didn’t do much. Especially since I have to be back at 7 am tomorrow and I WILL get up for my jog tomorrow. I WILL!! At 5 am….bah.

It wasn’t a bad night. I got to spend it with my boys and the man. Peaceful. That’s what it was. Peaceful. Something I need.
Now, I’m laying in bed with one of the boys. My little shadow.

Good night folks, this old lady needs her rest for work tomorrow.


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