If you are a Pittsburgh native, George A. Romero fan or have lived in the city long enough you know that Pittsburgh is ZOMBIE FREAKIN CENTRAL!!!!

That’s right, we love our undead. We dedicate the entire month of freakin October to Zombies. I mean come on…how many zombie movies were filmed here???? A TON!!!

So, on September 1, 2012….RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

There is a 5k obstacle race coming to Butler, Pa. It’s a motha fudgin ZOMBIE OBSTACLE COURSE!!!

The man and I say commercials for it last year and decided then that we were participating. To be a runner it’s $77 if you register before July 18 and $87 until August 28.

Being zombie central, of course all spots to be a zombie are already sold out. (Leave it to Burghers to want to be zombies before survivors! I’m actually bummed out. I’d love to be a zombie.)

Now, the race is already 70% filled. It’s entirely possible the thing won’t be available by July 18. You can also be a spectator. $32 if ticket is pre-ordered by August 31, and $40 at the gate. (Yes, we even make watching people turned into Zombies a spectator sport.)

This isn’t limited to Pittsburgh. There are other cities participating, but who gives a flying rat fart in space about those cities? I mean, it’s Pittsburgh. Where else would you want to be for anything zombified?

I suppose I should start running again so I can be ready for a 5k and surviving. Running through the woods? Anyone want to volunteer to be a zombie and chase me for 3.1 miles every day until September 1?

Well, I know everyone is dying to register so go HERE before you’re too late and you are a looser stuck at home!


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