Parise watch

Last year the big talk of the town was that egocentric Jaromir Jagr. He got all of us Pens fans hopes up, then went and signed with Filthadephia, I mean Philadelphia. Asshole.
Well there is a new watch.

The Parise watch. Unlike last year, I’m not getting my hopes up. No I won’t. There is no guarantee he will come to Pittsburgh. Even though… he and Crosby ARE good friends AND Crosby just signed a 12 year, $104.4 million dollar contract with the Pens. (No Malkin fans, that will not affect what Shero will offer offer him next year) It is rumored that he is being offered 10 years at $80 million. With Staal signing a 10 year deal with Carolina, that left some wiggle room for the cap. (Staal turned down a 10 year, $70 million dollar contract to stay with the Pens.)
If Shero does sign Parise, that would be awesome. He has said that he would love to play with Crosby. Well then buddy, take the deal and play with him for 10 years! Who else is going to offer him that much money and the chance to play with his best buddy?
Nobody. That’s who. So it makes sense for him to come here.
Of course it made sense for Jagr to come here to, but he didn’t. So who knows what the hell will go on. I’ll post when news is up to date in Parise.


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