The authors website/blog

I am an avid blog reader. Mainly of agents, authors and the sort. I love reading about the industry and learning about it.

It really is fascinating.

And over the past four years (yes, that is how long I’ve written and just storing everything away. I’ve actually finished 2 manuscripts with a few others started.) I have learned a lot.

One thing I’ve read more and more though is authors having websites or blogs. Yup, it is advised to have some way for the readers to be able to get in contact with you.

Okay, I have the blog. A “website” no.

Well, I’ve been going to more and more authors blogs and I’ve realized something, they actually talk about writing and books. Not the sporadic shit I do, but all the time about writing and books.

I don’t do that. I tend to blog about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it’s about writing and books, but mostly it’s not.

Here’s the dilemma, do I change my blog? Do I stop writing what I do and stick to just author stuff? Would that make it or break it if I do go traditional publishing and an agent comes here? Do I disappoint the 100+ followers I have by switching up everything I do now?

I would hate it if I’m passed up for being published simply because I don’t blog strictly about writer things, but then again I don’t want to start loosing my followers because I start sticking to industry only things. (I can only imagine how boring I’d be if I wrote about the same shit day in and day out. That’s not me.)

Of course, I could be completely jumping the gun here. No where does it say I’ll even be traditionally published. I may end up having to go the self-publishing route because I can’t write a decent query letter to save my life. Sure, I can write a 40k word novel, but don’t ask me to sum the damn thing up in 250 words or less. I end up writing shit. Or shit that doesn’t matter.

I’m not going to change things up. I like how the blog is and I can’t restrict myself to writing about one thing. Perhaps if I do get published I’ll just start-up an authors website.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. So blog, you are safe for now!


7 thoughts on “The authors website/blog

  1. My .02 as someone who
    a) blogs
    b) is an aspiring author and
    c) subscribes to more than 1,000 blogs (truly!), many of which are authors’ blogs:

    The best blogs, IMHO, are those that mix it up. I like to get a sense of the person behind the blog, and especially so if that is an author whose work I have come to enjoy. I like to hear about their latest work in progress, their thoughts on writing-related stuff … but I also want to hear about their everyday life.

    An example of a writer who (again, IMHO) does this spectacularly well is Beth Kephart at

  2. I recently got into the blogging game, and I write mainly about writing and self-publishing. I wonder about the same thing as you, except backwards – should I branch out from just talking about writing? Would I gain more readers if I discussed other topics? I think that you should write whatever you want. Your followers are following you because they like you, so they’ll read anything you write 🙂

    • My biggest fear if I would change my blog, is loosing all my followers. I know that 100 people isn’t a lot compared to a lot of blogs, but it is for me. I’d hate for them to leave because I become “boring”.

      • If you’re really worried that they won’t enjoy writing/author-related posts, maybe you could intersperse those posts with more of the kind you usually do? 🙂

      • I’m thinking about just doing that, but then I’m hit with what if it turns off an agent because when they check out my blog they see tons of things about kids, the Pens or my health.

        It’s a crappy, double-edged sword.

  3. You could always set up a separate blog, or a separate area of this blog, for the writing relating stuff. Or you could always discuss this with an agent when you get one and see what they think or require of you. And I’ve seen some authors on their twitters or blogs talk about personal stuff and not only about their work.

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