35 years of awesome summer fun

There is an event that we ‘burghers look forward to every summer. It’s so much fun with the food, games, activities and fireworks.

It’s time for the Three Rivers Regatta!

I can’t believe the Regatta is here already. The years seem to be going by so much faster.

I remember as a kid my dad taking the family down to the point (Point State Park for you out of towners). We would grab seats near the fountain HOURS before the fireworks and us just sitting there. Of course there were food vendors, other kids and small things back then. (It was super crowded but not nearly the spectacular that it is today.) Dad and Missy would take turns getting us food, taking which ever one of us to the bathroom or just taking us for a walk around the small point when we would get restless.

But then…then…the fireworks would start. 9 pm everything would get quiet when you could see the barge coming down the river. The anticipation building and everyone was ready. Then the first BOOM with oohs and aahs while watching the sky light up. Our fireworks are amazing.

This year, we may take the boys down. They’re turning 4, they’re big boys now. I think they may be ready for some regatta goodness.

So, what Regatta goodness is going on this year? Let me tell you!

First off, our festivities are NOT for one day. No, we ‘Burghers stretch out our parties. The Regatta kicks off on June 30 and we don’t restrict our fun to the land. You have to check out the boat shows that happen on our famous 3 rivers (Yes, we really do have 3 rivers in our city. I swear. The Allegheny and Monongahela converge at the Point and form the Ohio. It’s the POINT of convergence. haha the Point…yeah. Okay.) or in the air when the parachutists land. Beach ‘Burgh will be back, yup they transform an area of Point State Park into a giant beach. So who needs to head south for some sandcastle building fun? The sensational sculptors will be back to create more awesomeness, some lasertainment at night and there will be an ice rink!!! Okay, so it’s a faux ice rink, but it’s as close to the real thing as we’re going to get in the middle of summer.

And if you want an hour of  feeling SUPER patriotic you can listen to the United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and Silent Drill Team. It is the premier musical marching unit who will give a performance to remember from 4 PM to 5 PM.

The food. OH THE FOOD! So much greasy goodness. These will be four days to completely blow your diet. Sandwiches, fries, funnel cake, corn dogs, pretzels, gyros, cotton candy, sodas, beer, popcorn, pizza, strange foods I’ve never seen or tasted before but will…I may be looking more forward to the food than anything else.

For the kids, because we all know how bored they get, there is a kids zone. There is too much stuff for them to even list here. Trust me, they won’t be bored. If they are, there is something wrong with your kid.

And on July 4th there will be a 35 year anniversary display NOT to miss. This year is “Flashes of Freedom” Fireworks Fantasia.  It will be a patriotic display of rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air…giving proof through the night that our flags are still there. (HA, corny…I know, I know, but the 4th of July just gets me all in U.S.A overload mode.)

The fireworks promise to be amazing. Our display isn’t in the country’s top 4 for no reason you know.

For more information that I did not have time or space to list…GO HERE!!!

And if you see me walking around…feel free to say hi! Maybe I’ll even take a picture with you to post here on The Pittsburgh Housewife!




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