Just because you’re raising an asshole, that doesn’t mean I am

Today I took the kids to the park to play. It was just too nice not to. After a few hours there, I’m beginning to discover I don’t like many other people very much.

You see, Greg and I are attempting to raise the kids to be productive, pleasant members of society. That’s difficult when you’re surrounded by “parents” who don’t give a shit what their kids do.
My boys are not allowed to hit, push, punch or kick. Nor are they allowed to climb on the outside of equipment or jump from it. (That’s just common sense people)

Today, we ran into kids who did all of that. Where were the parents? Smoking, talking on the phone and otherwise ignoring their children.
At the park we go to there is big playground equipment with things to climb, slide and hang on. One part you don’t hang on is the outside part. That is how kids get hurt. Well these little hellions were hanging on the outside, flipping over the outer part of the slide and encouraging my 3 1/2 year olds to do it as well. I put my foot down and said absolutely not. These monsters (for once not mine) decided to argue with ME and tell me that since their moms let them, that means my kids can to.

Those kids are lucky I’m not one of those moms that corrects other people’s kids. They’re also lucky my boys know when mommy means business. I had to correct Brett and Eli a few times, but they were otherwise very good. I was highly irritated by the lack of parenting on the other parents part.

I guess this is how the asshole gene is kept alive. You’re an asshole, you raise assholes and then they raise assholes. Hopefully, somewhere along the line one of the assholes wises up, stops being an asshole and the asshole gene is interrupted. However, from the looks of things and the way people are…that’s not happening too often.

Then came an issue with sharing and taking turns. My boys share and take turns. They’re not allowed to hog things. Unfortunately, again, kids were hogging things. Do you have any idea how hard it is trying to explain to a 3 1/2-year-old why he has to share while other kids don’t? It’s hard. I could tell by his poor little face that he was just confused. He wanted to go push the kid out of the way like that kid pushed him. The mom? Laughed and said “Way to get what you want.” o_O. Really? REALLY? Like I said, assholes raising assholes.

One of the other parents went so far as to say that I was overbearing and strict. No, no I am not. It’s called rules. I’m all for having fun and horsing around. As long as there is no risk of my children falling and possibly cracking open their skulls or breaking an arm and/or leg. Once the safety of my children is in jeopardy, then yes, I will be “strict”. Does it inhibit their “creativity” or stop them from having fun? No, it doesn’t. They have fun, they make friends and it’s a good day all around. But you’ll have to forgive me for having the boys live by rules. Might as well get them ready for the real world where there are rules everywhere and my children already know, if you break the rules you face consequences. Granted right now it’s time out for 2-3 minutes or a swat on the butt, but they’re learning. Which is probably why they aren’t complete demon spawn when we’re in public.

The kids and I had a good day today. We had fun running around and chasing each other. When they did find a few nice little boys to play with, they had a blast running around, getting dirty and being boys. And they got sun. I thought I’d covered them well enough, I didn’t. Their little cheeks are all red, but so are mine. It’s nice not being pasty pale.

I think we may have to have a repeat tomorrow. For now, we’re enjoying being nice and clean, in the cool house and waiting for the man to get home.



2 thoughts on “Just because you’re raising an asshole, that doesn’t mean I am

  1. It drives me crazy. I don’t understand how parents can just let their kids do that. What if their kids fall and break a bone?

    I bet their the ones who are sitting in the ER going, “I don’t know how it happened!”

  2. Yes, this upsets me too. In the real world, you have to share things sometimes. You have to take turns. You can’t shove people out of the way. And there are rules you have to follow. Most kids these days are going to have a really rough time adjusting to that. Maybe mom and dad don’t give a shit and let them do whatever they want whenever they want, but the boss isn’t going to be so understanding. Trying to teach kids this from an early age is a good thing. And having rules (really just simple, basic things you would think all parents would do, like your don’t climb on the outside of stuff) does not equal strict and overbearing. People suck.

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