I’m the parent, but it’s the kids fault! I SWEAR!

If you haven’t been reading any news articles lately than you missed this little gem yesterday.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the picture. I had to do a facepalm at this womans’ idiocy.

A woman was pulled over for a driving violation and when the cop approached the car he was a bit disturbed by what he saw. 1st NONE of the passagners were buckled in. Who was in the car? A woman, her 14 year old child and a 2 year old toddler.

What disturbed him was the fact that in the back seat the toddler was NOT in his seat. He was sitting NEXT to it. What was buckled up? A F*CKING GAS CAN! Yes, a gas can was buckled into the childs car seat.

Really? That gas is more important than your childs life? Seriously???

Well, today she retorted with this. She had no idea how it happened. Wow. Way to parent there lady! How do you not pay attention to your 2 year old in the back seat? Especially when you know they can unbuckle themselves? Whenever Greg and I go anywhere one of us is constantly checking on the kids. Why didn’t she tell the teenager to take a peek at the boy? Why not glance in the rear view mirror at a stop light or stop sign? And come on, if there is a toddler moving around in the backseat not even 2 feet away from your head, YOU WOULD HEAR SOMETHING! If that were the case, why the hell didn’t that woman pull over??? What would have happened if she wrecked? That baby would have been hurt.

Apparently, when the woman was pulled over the teenager who was in front turned around, put the gas can in the childs seat and buckled it up. However, if you really look at the picture, the car seat wasn’t even secured properly!

Maybe it’s the mom in me that just gets so irritated by irresponsible parents, but good lord woman! Come on! Use what brains you have in there! You aren’t buckled, your teenager isn’t buckled and your f*cking toddler is out of his car seat! And really…blaming the kid? HE’S TWO! TWO! YOU are the parent. If you can’t be bothered with ensuring your childs safety, don’t take him anywhere!

I hope this woman gets a HUGE fine and her license taken off of her.


3 thoughts on “I’m the parent, but it’s the kids fault! I SWEAR!

  1. I’m not the least little bit maternal you know, but this still pisses me off too. If you don’t want kids or can’t be bothered to put even slightest effort into basic child care and safety and looking after them, DON’T EFFING HAVE KIDS! It’s just that simple. Why bring a poor innocent little child into the world for nothing but suffering if you don’t want it or won’t care for it? People like this are the worst.

    • I love how she blames the kid for it too. Really? Put that blame on a 2 year old? Then to say her 14 year old buckled in the gas can. Really? She just needs to take responsibility for her actions and admit she f*ed up instead of blaming everyone else for her irresponsibility. Even if it did happen how she said, she’s the adult in the situation. She needed to put her foot down and pull over, before the cops stopped her, and made the kid sit down in his seat. Or do what my mom did, refuse to drive until everyone was buckled up.

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