A new chapter in life

There are many milestones for kids. The first step, the first word, first day of school and graduation.

My baby brothers have ended one chapter of their lives, only to be starting a new. Today, June 5, 2012, my baby brothers graduated from high school.

Not a big deal. Right? Well, it is. This is signaling the end of their child hood. Their teen years are fading behind them (They turned 18 last week) and their adult lives are beginning. They both start college in October. That means they will be moving out of their mom’s house, on their own, for the first time. They’re becoming responsible young people.

When they were born I was 9. I thought it was so cool to be getting new brothers. And it was. I was old enough to really appreciate them. Though I am their sister,  I am happy that they see me as someone who is wiser so I can help them with their problems. It’s good being needed by someone other than my own kids.

It’s been a trip watching them go from rambunctious kids, to rambunctious adults. They have mellowed out a bit since they were 4, but they still fight like 4 year olds. But what brothers don’t? Hell, what siblings don’t? Chad (the other brother) is only 4 years younger than me, we still fight. I never really fought with “the boys” when we were all kids. I was so much older than they were, that we just didn’t. We were on completely different areas of growth and maturity all through our lives. (Not so much with Chad. We’ll be 80 and still fighting like we’re 10)

I am just so insanely proud of the boys. Proud and happy. They get to explore life now. They get to get out and be adults. They get to live on their own, really start dating and making those life long friends that we all do. (Even though I do still have a few good high school friends I’ve hung on to and probably will till the end of times.)

While watching them accept their diplomas I couldn’t help but thing how much they look like and remind me of my own boys. The attitudes, the fighting, everything. They’re just so freakin similar…oh boy am I in for quite the next 14 years.

That’s Billy, Me and JT

Those are the babies. My little brothers. I still see them as these little things. Small babies that fit in the palm of our dad’s hands. Now look at them! Taller than me! Now…we wait for the graduation party to celebrate. Then, in a few years, another graduation. Them leaving college to really start life.

*sigh* Where does the time go?


2 thoughts on “A new chapter in life

  1. i wish i could turn back time when you kids were little kids again.i am glad that you are growing up ,but i will miss you all so much. you are going out on your own now and i will not be needed to help you any more, because you will have your own to take care of you, and that is going to leave a big void in my life. i just wish the three of you the best of luck and hope that your dreams are fulfilled. i love Heather,TJ and Will with all my heart and will miss having them when they start there new life.

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