It’s the motha fudgin zombipocalypse!

A news article broke yesterday (or perhaps it was Saturday) from Florida about some scary shit going on.

It’s all over the web if you haven’t noticed.

It’s the motha fudgin zombie apocalypse! Hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ kids, the zombies comin to eat yo’ faces!

In all seriousness now, 2 days ago police shot a killed a naked man who was EATING THE F*CKING FACE OF ANOTHER MAN! They were both naked and when the “zombie” or cannibal…whatever he is, was told to stop he just looked up at the cop and F*CKIN SNARLED AT HIM! Then continued munching on the other naked man.

The officer shot the snarling zombie, which did not stop him, (HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOO we shoot zombies in the HEAD. HEAD SHOTS PEOPLE! Don’t waste ammo.) and the man was shot one or 2 more times before dying. (Hopefully he stays dead.)

This is the FOURTH time this has happened in Florida. THE FOURTH. The first happened last month, in April.  The first attack was identical to this. The man was naked, attacked another man, and ate his neck. HIS NECK. ATE IT! He was killed when hit with a stun gun. I don’t know about the other 2.

I was skeptical at first. I thought, “Oh yeah, right. Sure.” But then more and more and more articles and reports were coming out. Now, it’s HOLY ZOMBIES BATMAN! I told Greg about it early today, he’s ready to head to the mountains with some guns.

Okay, we’re not that freaked out yet. Curious about why the first attacks weren’t reported. (I happened to read about one in another article about the second attack.) And what exactly is causing this. I’ve read drug overdose, LSD, coke or “extreme delirium”.

Can the experts at least get on the same page, agree, and THEN freak the world out? I’m not a conspiracy theorists, but when something like this happens and nobody can say what caused it and the first incidents weren’t really talked about… then what is a gal supposed to think?

I’ll admit, I’m a zombie fiend when it comes to movies and shows. But that is where I like my zombies. In movies and t.v. shows. NOT IN REAL LIFE. Don’t think I’m crazy. You know there is some mad scientist out there trying to create the virus or regenerate the dead. It never works though. It always backfires and they are either the ones who have to fix the shit storm they created or they’re the first ones eaten. Personally, if someone is nuts enough to attempt a zombie virus, I hope they get their ass eaten.

So, curious where to find the articles?

Try here, here , and here.

Does anyone know one thing that Pittsburgh is known for?


Yes, George A Romero (The Night of the Living Dead movies guy.) filmed his zombie movies here. Well, a majority of them. There is a scene in one of the movies (either the first or second) where they show downtown as a sort of ….fort. Yeah, that’s the best description I can think of. A fort…well, that’s what downtown is going to turn into. A massive fort holding out the zombie horde.

Then again, there could be a completely logical explanation to all of this. It really could be some new, crazy street drug. It could be a form of delirium. Who knows. But if you think about it, aside from the entire undead thing, a zombie is nothing more than a mindless, flesh-eating monster. So, isn’t that what these guys were? Mindless, flesh-eating monsters? So, in a sense…they are zombies.


5 thoughts on “It’s the motha fudgin zombipocalypse!

  1. One of my students was asking about this today. I didn’t realize it was a repeat incident. Wtf is this? Has anybody done tox screens on this crazies to see what’s in their system? Has to be some drugs. Probably thought it’d be fun to get high and watch Night of the Living Dead or something and then this happens. Freaky.

    But there is absolutely no way for a virus to create zombies. Don’t worry about it. It’s not at all possible. This is why I fucking hate zombie movies so damn much; the totally BS fake “science” behind it just infuriates me. No virus would do that. Dark magic? Sure why not, but nobody’s testing a virus that will get out (because of course they always do don’t they?) only to start the zombie apocalypse. lol

    • I love zombies.

      I’m not sure if I’d ever believe that a virus could cause a person to become “undead”, I suppose anything is possible…but how likely is it?

      From what I’ve been reading today doctors are leaning more towards some new form of LSD that’s causing people to go crazy. (Like the movie The Crazies…lol) Either way, whatever is causing this…I hope it stops. Soon. It’s kind of scary thinking that there are people that have lost it so much that they’re eating other people. Ew.

      • This is just one of the countless reasons why people shouldn’t do drugs. lol Course I don’t know why people would want to do LSD anyway, so I really don’t see how the possibility of naked face eating would make it sound like a good idea.

      • Oh you know you want to munch on someone’s nose. Mmmmm nom nom nom.

        I can’t see any positives to doing a drug that makes you want to strip down and turn into a zombie either. I can’t even stand the site of blood when having my finger pricked let alone digging into someones organs. No thanks.

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