It just doesn’t stop

This week has sucked.

Big time.

Two days ago my mother sent me a text message at 4 am. (I of course was out of it. Melatonin will do that to you.) When I woke up at 10 I saw the little red light on my phone flashing. After reading what she sent, I called her immediately.

She was admitted to the hospital.

Apparently what happened was, after doing her first rounds (she’s a nursing assistant at a “rival” hospital of the one I work at) she doubled over in pain. After a few minutes it didn’t stop, so she was taken downstairs to their ER. The doc ordered an ultra sound for momma to see what was wrong and decided that mom needed surgery now.

When I called her the nurse had just finished prepping her and they were getting to wheel her out. Yeah, I didn’t even get to go see her. Luckily, Auntie was there. (One of her older sisters) Why did she need emergency surgery? Her gallbladder seized up and wouldn’t relax, causing mom some seriously horrible pain. She actually said it was worse than giving birth. (I’m not sure I can imagine a pain worse than that. Let me tell you, child-birth is NOT fun…at all.)

I didn’t get to talk to her the rest of the day because she was out of it and on pain meds. I was nervous. This was the 4th surgery for someone in my family this year. (The first was dad’s awesome girlfriend, she’s doing good now. The 2nd was my poor baby brother Billy, he’s feeling good now. The 3rd was me and my brain surgery, I’m doing pretty good now. And now mom.) Nobody else on either side of my family or on the man’s side is allowed to get sick or have surgery. I’m done with surgeries for at least 20 years.

Mom is home now. She actually went home yesterday, so she was only in for 2 days. Not bad considering it was emergency surgery.  She is supposed to be off work for 10 weeks, she’s only taking 10 days. The woman is more stubborn than I am. I at least took 5 weeks and waited 3 before getting back to doing my normal thing.

I was completely freaked out when I read the text and talked to mom. Who wouldn’t? Who wants to hear that there is something wrong with one of their parents? I’m lucky, I still have both my mom and dad. My parents aren’t old. They’re only in their mid 50’s. Not old at all. But still, just thinking that something could happen, it’s enough to freak you out. I’m just happy that my momma is alright and that it was caught before it became a more serious issue.

Are you close to your mom or dad? If so, go hug them. Tell them you love them. If you aren’t, call them. Tell them you love them.

Now, I’m going to mom it for a few hours before I have to go to work tonight.


2 thoughts on “It just doesn’t stop

  1. Omg I completely agree about nobody else having health problems for at least 20 years. Haha. You and my little cousin (the one who also has Chiari) have had surgeries. My pap has fallen, a couple of times, and he was in the hospital for a while. So has my mom. My gram had some kind of seizure thing or something. My uncle and my cousin Eamonn need surgery to fix their knees. The mom of some of my old softball friends, who’s on the same MS med as my mom, got the virus that can lead to a deadly brain infection (which mimics the effects of MS so it’s hard to tell something’s wrong).

    So I’m with you. Nobody else is allowed to have any sort of health problems. I can’t take anymore! haha And how is your mom feeling now? She recovering? Tell her I said get well soon.

    • Mom is getting better. She’s still in pain, but it gets better everyday.

      I just can’t believe the shitty luck when it comes to health lately.

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