And we’re clear

I actually got this good news the other day. PA Emily cleared me to go back to work. I was so excited.

Especially since FMLA has been a big PIA.

I applied for FMLA about a week before my surgery. Maybe two weeks…since that was all the time I had. I got the paperwork in the mail, filled it out and sent it back. 2 weeks later I get a call from the dude who was handling my FMLA case, he never received my paperwork. Okay, so I fill out the paperwork AGAIN and send it in AGAIN and guess what…now there’s something missing. Forms from the doctor or maybe it’s a questionnaire, they don’t know and neither do I. I’ve been told 2 different things from 2 different people. So I was at risk of losing my job.

I WAS PISSED! So, so, so, so mad. So, I called Emily and she cleared me to go back to work on the 26th. Well, instead of going back to work on the 26th…I’m going back on Friday. Would I like that extra week off? HELL YEAH! But, I like my job more. In fact I got my work schedule yesterday. 4 hour shifts this weekend, then back to 8 hours next. No 12 hours for a bit though. I am still recovering.

Back to work. I’ve been off work for 5 weeks now. I hope I can remember what I’m supposed to do. Unfortunately I’ll be returning with a few restrictions. The biggest is the lifting. I’m still not allowed to lift anything heavier than 8 lbs. We don’t have 8 lb patients on the Neuro floor. We have adults who weigh….well a LOT more. What shall I do then? Sit…behind the desk…allllll day. Thrilling. But, at least I’ll be back to work.

I am feeling better. A lot better, which is wonderful. Last week I did a round of steroids to help out with the healing and I believe it helped. I’ve also gone a full day without Tylenol. A small headache here and there, but a HUGE improvement compared to how I have been.

Dr. Friedlander is a miracle worker. Emily….a magnificent PA. Juan Martin…an awesome resident. And George, another awesome resident who cares. (George is a neuro resident who works on my floor. He’s probably one of the smartest docs I’ve met.) Alright so I’m a bit biased considering I do work on the neuro floor, but would I really let them work on my brain if they weren’t good? Nope. Hell no actually.

Back on track, I’m going back to work. Still part-time and on weekends. I can’t complain.

Now, trying to get my brain ready for Cedar Point next month.


4 thoughts on “And we’re clear

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and can go back to work. Take care of yourself, especially ar work, until you’re 100%.

    • I plan on being extra careful. The man isn’t too thrilled about me going back so early, but he doesn’t want me to lose the job either. But, being a glorified secretary should make the work easy.

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