Mothers Day

Today is a day that we all get together and celebrate our moms. One day a year. Why do kids only say thanks or get their moms things once a year?

For those who are moms, we deserve a thanks, kiss and day off once a week. Not once a year.

Granted, I never understood what my mother went through when I was growing up. I wasn’t a mom. After getting pregnant, I started saying thanks everyday and apologizing for being a brat. Pregnancy alone is enough to get any woman to appreciate her mother more. That is one thing men will never understand.

Now parenting, once the boys were born, I apologized even more. Once the kids hit the terrible, well, childhoods, I apologized more. I’m sure I was as big of a terror as they are.  Of course there was only one of me. I have two of them. (One of me until Chad Everett was born when I was 4, then it was like 20 of us. And I’ll thank dad on Fathers Day. :o)  )

If you have kids and you’re a woman, Happy Mothers Day.

If you don’t have kids, go tell mom Happy Mothers Day. In fact, tell her everyday how much you appreciate her and love her. Apologize a few times a day for being a brat as a kid. You know you were.

I remember as a kid making those cute little cards and “gardens”  in school. I was always so proud of them when I’d take them home to mom. I thought they were the most magnificent things on the face of the earth. I made them for mom. Damn right they were magnificent. And you know what, she kept them. All the cards. She has every single school project I ever made for her in a box. Never threw out a single one. And you want to know what? When my boys start bringing me home those things, I’ll keep them forever. Why? Because those will be made by my boys and they will be the most magnificent Mothers Day presents EVER.

For now, they’re 3 1/2. They’re not in school and they don’t have jobs, so they don’t buy me things. The man does. The man does and says they’re from the boys. He has good taste. I always love what he gets me.

If you haven’t noticed I have a thing for stuffed animals. I may be 26 but I love me a good, soft, fuzzy stuffed animal. I have the stuffed dog dad got me while I was in the hospital; a pink bunny my mom bought me just because and now this teddy bear the boys and the man bought me all on my bed. (I do have a 20-year-old bunny my dad bought me for Easter when I was 6…but its head is falling off. So it’s packed away till I fix it. Yes dad, I still have the ratty grey and white bunny.)

Anyway, the above photo is my mother’s day gift this year. (Not pictured is my delicious box of chocolates) I love the “traditional” gift. I love my flowers. What you can’t see in this picture is the adorable birds nest that my flowers rest in and yes, those are little fake birdies in the flowers. It’s freaking cute, smells amazing and is just so pretty. I LOVE FLOWERS!

I know now my boys are too small to understand the stress and migraines they cause, but one day, one day in the future they will know. One day when I’m old and grey, they will say, “Mom, I’m sorry for being such a stubborn little monster as a kid. I love you.”

Until that day, I’ll love them as they are. My monsters. I’ll enjoy them being small and tiny. I’ll enjoy being the center of their world and able to still cuddle them without being told that’s not cool. I’ll enjoy their crazy little imaginations and wonder what is going through them everyday. I love watching them together. Two little buddies who are plotting. Plotting what? Who knows. Hopefully it’s about what they want for lunch tomorrow. Brett loves to color. His grandma Larissa and Pop-pop bought him and Eli a huge 64 piece  crayon set for Christmas, the boy uses them daily. He’s very proud of his coloring book pictures. A bit crude and one colored for my tastes (I kid folks, I kid; all of my sons artwork is beautiful.), but otherwise not bad. His favorite color? Red. Just like the man. Eli, well Eli is our mini-Marine. He loves walking around wearing his daddy’s cover with his Nerf gun. Or maybe we just watch too many war movies and documentaries. Maybe both. I mean it was bound to happen right? One of the boys wanting to be a Marine like his dad? My pappy Tabron was a Marine and one uncle on moms side was a marine. (Paps youngest son, Uncle Lee.) My father’s father was in the Air Force and his youngest went to the Army. So one of the boys is bound to head off to the military right? Honestly, if either of my boys were to go, it’d be Eli. He’s my strong-willed thinker. He reminds me so much of Greg. Independent and just strong down to his little core. He enjoys tearing things apart just to see how they work. His eye brows are always stitched together in a perpetual state of thinking. And he loves asking why. Things don’t bother him, not like with Brett. He’ll either be a Marine or a doctor. Brett though, he’s softer and gentler than his brother. He’s…like me. He loves art, music (okay, they both LOVE music), reading, books, stories. He contemplates things and listens. I can see him being an artist or an author. Maybe a surgeon.

I love sitting back and thinking about what my boys will be when they get older. Where they will end up. What surprises they hold. I’m sure I still surprise my parents 26 1/2 years later. Hell, I surprise myself.

But no matter what they do, I’ll always be proud of them and I know I’ll at least get a phone call or text every Mother’s Day from my spawn.

So, the point of today’s ramblings? Um, Happy Mother’s Day all yinz mommas out there!


4 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. I was going to make the “until Chad came along, and he’s way worse than two sets of twins” joke, but you beat me to it. Haha.

  2. First. Welcome to wordpress. You will love it. Transitioned to it from Blogger as well. More importantly, happy Mothers Day. I’m lucky to still have mine around. She still treats me like a kid…..sometimes making me cookies and sometimes second-guessing everything I do!

    • Thank you! I love WordPress so much more than Blogger. It’s not going down for hours at a time every other day. lol.

      And thank you again. So far it’s been an awesome day. In fact…I might take a nap. My mom still does that to me. I think it’s in the mom handbook, so I’ll be doing it too. lol

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