Happy 1st Birthday!

Today, today is the Pittsburgh Housewife’s 1st birthday.

No, I’m not 1. I’m actually turning *gulp* 27, the blog though has turned 1.

Yup, today marks one year since I started writing here. 11,000 views later, you fine folks are still here with me.

So what am I doing today to celebrate? Trying not to go insane! Yes, today is one of those days with the kids. Of course, it’s been one of those days for the past few weeks. Not entirely sure what’s wrong with the boys and why they’re being such monsters, but they are.

But tonight, we go out! All of us. For Chinese. Okay, we’re not going out to celebrate the blog turning one, we’re just…going out. This is a big step for me though. This will be the first time since the surgery I’ll be going out to eat. I’m excited. SO EXCITED!!! I’ve actually been anxious and waiting for this. Greg has been pushing it off, mainly because of how shitty I was feeling, but he’s ready. I’ve been ready.

So, over the past year I’ve covered a lot of topics. The past few weeks has mainly been the surgery and my recovery. It’s nice having an outlet to get my thoughts out. I’ve always been better at writing my thoughts out than saying them out loud, so the blog is a blessing for me. I get a thought, something bothers me or I want to get my opinion out and I have all of you guys to read it. And to share your thoughts with me.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day watching movies and playing with the boys and reflecting on the one year I’ve written here.


2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday!

  1. You do a great job! We agree on a lot of the same things. Happy Birthday! And Im glad you are feeling better and getting out! I just found out yesterday that I have to have knee surgery in July – definitely not as big of a deal as brain surgery and Ive had surgeries on my knees before but still, as a Mom, it’s a pain because you gotta figure everything out before hand but I enjoy your writing and I am glad it helps you get things off your chest. I enjoy writing too but am not disciplines enough to write a blog. I had gastric bypass last may and tried to blog about it but I got bored 😛 Bored and skinny! Thats OK with me! 🙂 have a great night out! ~April St. Clair

    • Thank you!

      I’m sorry you have to have surgery. No surgery is ever easy, especially with kids. You have to figure out who will watch them while you’re in the hospital, who will take them here, there and everywhere and it’s such a P. I. A. I do hope everything goes smoothly and your recovery is fast! You’ll have to keep me updated on how things go.

      I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with this if I didn’t love writing so much. lol. That’s what keeps it going.

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