Some people shouldn’t have kids…seriously

A few months ago a story aired about a dog killing a newborn baby. WTAE’s post on Facebook was flooded with mixed opinions.

Why not kill the dog? It killed a baby after all.

Well, here’s the story. This “mother” (I’ll use that term loosely for this woman) left her newborn son on the floor. ON THE FLOOR. And left the room.¬† Now, she was already warned about the neglected dogs she had, then she took in Nico.

Nico was new to the home, as was the baby. Now, anyone with common sense knows you DO NOT PUT A BABY ON THE FLOOR!

Well this woman then left the room, came back in a few minutes later to Nico (now she’s not even sure which dog it was) hovering over the baby. The baby was bit and dead.

The dog was seized and the debate began about what to do with him. Put him down or rehome him. He was rehomed with a man who wanted to save the dog’s life. After a few short days, Nico was removed again¬† and put into a pound to await his “trial”. All the while this irresponsible woman was at home, scot-free.

People argued back and forth, good reasons for both sides. Perhaps Nico was vicious and just needed put down. But he was new to the house, never properly introduced to the baby, starving, he had a broken leg that was never properly treated by a vet and severely neglected like the rest, so was it his fault? He saw a squirmy, crying baby…maybe he thought it was a toy or an animal? Someone else brought up a good point, how do dogs move their young around? By the scruff of their neck. Perhaps he saw the baby in distress or uncomfortable and was trying to help him, not realizing the baby wasn’t a puppy. Maybe he was trying to pick the baby up by the scruff and ended up killing the boy instead.

It’s something nobody will ever know, because nobody was ever in that room with the baby.

Today Nico had his “day in court”. It was decided he shall live in an animal sanctuary out-of-state.

How do I, as a mother to both two-legged and four-legged kids, feel about all of this?(Yes, I do consider Minnnie and Venus as my furry babies.)

Well, now, let me tell you…I’m glad. Yes, I’m glad that this dog is not being put down. I honestly feel as though it was not his fault. Not at all. Who is? The mother. While there are those saying she’s suffered enough, leave her alone and blah, blah, blah. Really? That woman left her 3- day-old son on a dirty floor, between mattresses surrounded by dogs. Come on. How could you think that was even a remotely good idea? Yes, when I had my boys there were two dogs and a cat in the house at the time, guess what, if my boys were on the floor (which they were never just tucked between mattresses) somebody was with them at all times. We also introduced the boys to the dogs. Throughout my pregnancy I would let the dogs sniff at my belly, we’d let them sniff at the cribs, when it was time to bring the boys home the dogs were allowed to sniff them. And you know what, we never had a problem. We did the same thing when we got Minnie. She met the boys first.

So no, I don’t blame the dog. Yes, I agree with what the verdict was. Now he can live out his life with no fear of not having food or proper vet care. While yes, it is tragic what happened to the baby boy, it’s completely his mother’s fault. There is never a good reason to leave an infant in a room, on the floor alone. Ever. There have been many times when I’ve had to go to the bathroom or wanted to take a shower when I was home alone with the boys when they were little. Guess what I did, took them into the bathroom with me. Yup, I’d put them in their bouncy chairs, take them into the bathroom and SHUT THE DOOR so that none of the animals could get in. While I trusted my dogs and my cat, I wasn’t going to risk the accident. And if I was showering I’d peek my head out every few seconds to see what they were doing. And ya know what…it worked out. My boys are now turning 4 and can go off on their own without fear of being mauled by our dog.

I may get blasted for saying the dog deserves to live while the mother deserves the jail time, but I don’t care. The dog didn’t know better and nobody really knows what was going through his doggy brain when he did it. But the mom, if she had used her brain, the whole thing could have been avoided.



2 thoughts on “Some people shouldn’t have kids…seriously

  1. Tragic story, but I couldn’t agree with you more. And if she wasn’t even able to take proper care about her dogs (which I am guessing from the fact they were neglected), a kid should have been a no-go area.

    • I don’t even want to think about the kind of life the kid would have had. If the woman couldn’t properly feed the dogs or get them vet care (Which is a LOT cheaper than taking care of an actual human being), how was she going to handle feeding, clothing and taking the baby to all of his doc appointments? It’s a shame. A tragic shame for all the victims involved. (Baby and dogs.)

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