Recovery…thus far

It’s been a bit over 2 weeks since the surgery already. Hard to believe, but it’s slowly starting to get behind me.

I’m thrilled.

For the first week all I did was lay in bed, sleep and throw up. I ended up losing about 20 lbs in that week. Yay for losing weight, boo for how it happened.

I have since been able to move from the bed to my couch. Yes, I can now walk down a hallway and the stairs. I am able to stand for about 10ish minutes to do dishes, which is great. I am starting to feel useful again. I also can sit on the floor, propped up against the couch of course, and fold laundry. Which is nice. I can do things!!!

As far as anything else goes…nope.The ever watchful Greg is making sure I don’t overdue it. Which, he thinks that what I do, do, is over doing it. But I can’t get mad at him for wanting me to get better. I’d do the same thing with him. With yesterday being our anniversary, I took a moment or two and just sat back to think about our life together so far. We’ve been together for 7 years (off and on the first 3) and have known each other a LOT longer than that. (So those who were thinking we were just some internet, tag chaser thing…no don’t worry, we’ve known each other prior to him joining the Marines.) In our four years, while not excitingly exciting, has been a trip. We have one horribly spoiled dog, one horribly fat, spoiled cat and two gorgeous kids (I’ll admit…we make gorgeous babies). This surgery, the fact that I was so close to having a stroke at the age of 26, I’m beginning to appreciate the life I do have more. I’m beginning to appreciate the man more and the kids. (Even if all 3 drive me a bit bonkers at times, but I’m sure I drive them bonkers all the time.)

Just sitting here I’m thinking, what other man would stand by my side and go through all of this with me? Who else would put up with my mood swings and bitchiness? Who else would I be able to make such beautiful babies with? I’ve always had health issues since day 1. That tends to scare men away. Not Greg though. He just stayed. Even when I tried to run, he chased. He never gave up on us. And for that, I’m thankful. I’m glad I have him to help me through this, even if it does interfere with his life. (I think that…not him.)

The headaches are starting to come back a bit, which means a call to Dr. Friedlander and probably another MRI. I’m really hoping that it’s just my brain adjusting to having room and not being smushed. While my neck is still stiff and the incision is tight, my back and shoulders feel amazing. No pain what so ever. I’m anxious for when my head is 100%.

The kids have actually been…almost angels. They’re still 3-year-olds of course, but have actually been helping me with small things.

I’m slowly coming off the pain pills, which is great. I’m not a fan of narcotics and I’m glad the transition from Oxycodone to aspirin is going so smoothly. The muscle relaxers are helping with that though. I think. Those, I think are going to be around for a little bit. They’re really helping with the spasms and stiffness in my neck.

I guess the recovery is going along a lot better than I had expected and I’m glad I can finally eat again. Now…I can’t wait to start running and jumping rope again. That I know is going to take time, but oh I’m so impatient. I just want to get started!

Oh and these are the awesome flowers mom and dad (in-law) got for me while I was in the hospital. There is a really pretty balloon attached. (Hence the floating purple string.)

And this is the puppy that my dad got to keep me company during my stay at Presby.

I of course still cuddle with it at night.

Call me a baby, but I love my stuffed animals.

Oh and that odd-looking blue thing the puppy is sitting on…yeah that is a air-bead filled body length pillow Greg bought for me while I was pregnant for my back (Yeah…I had one for my enormous belly and one for my back, that’s how uncomfortable being pregnant with twins can be.) and it is AMAZING on my neck! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this thing has been a life saver at night.

I still can’t thank everyone on 6D and Dr. Friedlander enough for the amazing care I got. For the pain relief and just for being amazing people. It made things for me there so much easier and better. Perhaps I am a little biased seeing as how I do work at Presby, but from the patient perspective, I won’t stop singing the praises of how amazing they are.

Well, that’s my recovery up date thus far. Lets see how I am feeling in a few more weeks.


4 thoughts on “Recovery…thus far

  1. I’m very happy to hear you are doing better. Just take it easy and let nature do its healing. Please do not overdo it. Let all of us know when you are back to your old self. God bless.

  2. So glad you are feeling better and slowly coming back around to your housewife duties. I know we don’t know each other and I really don’t even know how I found your blog but you make me laugh and cry at the same time. I know exactly how you feel about your husband because I feel the same about mine. There is nothing that we wouldn’t do for each other.

    • It is nice being useful again. I’ve felt so bad that Greg has been working so much, then coming home and having to do ALL the housework. At least now…I can do some things. Granted it’s not a lot, but it’s something less for him. Which, I really don’t think he minds picking up my slack. We’re of course not the 1950’s type of couple where I do all the housework while he works. We do share the load…he’s just been stuck with all of it.

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