Time goes by when you’re having a….life.

Today is kind of a big day. Of course this day every year is kind of a big day.

It’s not a national holiday or anything and it doesn’t mean much to anyone else, but it does to Greg and I.

What’s today? It’s our wedding anniversary!

Yes, 4 years ago today we decided that we liked each other enough to take that plunge.

While we have had our ups and downs. Some big ups and some really low lows…we’re still here together.

I would be lying to all of you if I said that marriage was easy. It really isn’t. It does take a lot of work from both people, especially after you have kids. Kids are stressful. Lets say that some days I fully understand why some animals eat their young (Today is one of those days for me btw)

I have no secret of success. No words of wisdom. In fact I’m not even sure if we’re doing it right. We never read books, didn’t go to any pre-marital counseling (kind of hard to when one of us was in another country…), nothing. We just…did it. Just tied the knot, moved in together (Nope, we didn’t live together before getting married either, let me tell you THAT was an adjustment), had the kids and, bam, here we are 4 years later.

Greg and I are…an odd couple. We really are. We’re quite opposite of each other. If you get down to it…there isn’t much we do have in common, but ya know what. I don’t care. That’s what I love so much. We get each other interested in new things and we get along. He’s a computer geek. Honestly, he is. He may not look like it, but the boy can fix anything that has a circuit board, or whatever it is that’s inside of electronicalish type things. Me, well I’m a nerdy book-worm. I’d rather have my paper back and a sunny day outside over a computer. (Not saying I don’t love my netbook!!!!) So when someone says you should marry or date someone you have something in common with…pffffttt. Screw it. Why be with someone who’s like you? Try something new and who knows…you may get a new hobby. (Of course if that other person is some abusive asshole, obviously don’t stay with them…that’s common sense.)

He did get me hooked on sports. Well, hockey and football. Prior to Greg I didn’t give 2 shits about the Steelers and Penguins. (Everybody gasp in horror and shock!) Now, oh dear sweet lord I’m obsessed. You’ll see me in front of the t.v. yelling at everyone like him. Take me to a game and I’ll ignore your ass as long as the Pens are on the ice and I have a beer in my hand.

He’s also turned me into a zombie fiend. I love zombie movies now…because of him. Yes, I love zombies.

We do still argue and have our disagreements, but…meh…I love him. He’s my big hunk of man meat. He always will be. Even at times when I thought he was going to call it quits (yes, we’ve had those moments) he’d always say, “You’re stuck with me forever.” And you know what…that’s fine by me. In fact we (and by we, I do mean me) are planning a vow renewal. Yup, ceremony and reception…the whole shabang.

Oh, I do have one piece of advice…COMMUNICATE! I still have issues with it, but oh God if you have something to say, f*cking say it. Settle the problem and move on with life.

But yes…today is mine and Greg’s 4 year wedding anniversary. Yay us.


6 thoughts on “Time goes by when you’re having a….life.

  1. Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate on this anniversary this year (even if you’re not up to celebrating). Loved your last couple posts about how great Greg has been through the surgery. Awesome husbands rock!! Glad you’re on the road to recovery. 🙂

    • This year we really do. And it was a nice anniversary, even though we didn’t get to go out. He made an awesome dinner, watched a movie and now I’m hitting the hay while he and the boys do their nightly gaming thing. (I’m such an old lady, 10 pm and I’m usually out like a light.)

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