My favorite place as a kid

I had a moment of reminiscence.

Growing up we were never inside. We were always busy and I was always dirty.

Yeah, I was a tomboy.

My mom took us to Ohiopyle State Park constantly. I LOVED it. There is always so much to do there…if you’re an outdoorsy person.

One of my favorites was white water rafting. Oh the rush of going down those rapids. Even as a 7-year-old I loved the rush of bumping off rocks in a rubber raft while heading down the rapids.¬† If you’ve never been white water rafting and you’re not very fearful (it can/is scary) go do it. I recommend Cucumber Rapids on the Yough.

If we were spending the day up there without rafting one of my favorite things to do was walk along the Yough. There is a nice little paved area for people to walk around and when you get close to the falls there is a balcony that is built out over the water. It’s an amazing view. In fact, I believe it is now legal to kyak and canoe over the falls. (I could be mistaken, at one point in time it was illegal.)

As you walk past the falls and get closer to the bridge the water calms a bit and you can wade in (I usually go no further than ankle deep) and play around. Any further than ankle deep the current gets a bit strong and it WILL sweep you off your feet and it being UP stream of the falls, well you get the picture.

As you cross the bridge and train tracks you’ll see Wilderness Voyagers Outpost. I remember when it was just a tiny shop in town, now it’s huge. They also do guided tours down the river. If you look across the road there is a rather large parking lot that leads into woods. Lots and lots of woods. AWESOME for hiking/backpacking/bike riding.

One thing we always did, no matter what, when we went up there was hiking. We’d pack¬† up granola bars, trail mix, water, some dog food (dogs always went with us) and we headed out for hours.

If it was a trip when we weren’t camping (which you can do and I highly recommend) we’d always head back into town. Now, when I was a kid and town wasn’t really as large as it is today, we’d head to a small market on the main road called Falls Market. In falls market the locals could buy their produce, a few groceries, milk and what not or sit at a small bar and order a sandwich while shooting the shit. My favorite part was their ice cream. They had AMAZING hand dipped ice cream. My favorite? Black raspberry in a sugar cone. The gentleman my mom dated at the time, Jim, was a river guide with Wilderness Voyagers so needless to say my brother Chad, mom and I spent a TON of time in Ohiopyle and I ALWAYS got my ice cream cone. Needless to say, they eventually got to know me by name. Oh, I also remember when Wilderness Voyagers main office was a cute house on the main road…

Now, as our day went along we’d head to the water slide. Water slide?!?!?! What???? Where???? Now, it’s not the kind of water slide that you find at Sandcastle. Nowhere near that kind of water slide. It’s a natural water slide that a rather large creek cut into the rocks over hundreds of years. I’ve been sliding on that thing since before it was even known by the general public.

Let it be known though, it’s dangerous. It’s not man-made and you CAN get hurt. Trust me. I know. I broke my wrist and hand on it once. BUT, it’s a F*CKING BLAST! You just can’t be stupid on it.

If you’re a camper…this is the place to go as well. You can get out your packs, tents and sleeping bags; head into the woods and enjoy nature. The stars seem brighter, the wolves howl a bit louder and what’s better than roasting hot dogs and eating s’mores in the middle of nowhere?

Of course there is so much to do around Ohiopyle as well. Nemacolin Woodlands is down the road. Falling Water, Laurel Highlands (LETS GO SPELUNKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Fort Necessity and many other historical treasures.

If UPMC had a hospital in Ohiopyle…I’d request a transfer and go work there for the simply fact that I’d be able to live in Ohiopyle. When I retire…that’s where I want to live. The outskirts of town have some of the most beautiful homes, biggest yards, lots of acreage and would be an amazing place to live and raise a family.

The perfect place for a blogger and her family.

Hmmm…The Ohiopylian Housewife. Has a nice ring to it. ;o)

If you’ve done all of the above, go do it again. Enjoy the wonderous beauty that is Ohiopyle. You can go antiquing, fishing, camping, boating, hiking and just hang out in nature. AND IT’S PET FRIENDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also!!! There are more restaurants and shops in town obviously. You can buy awesome camping and rafting gear while there and you never know when a random party will just spring up.


4 thoughts on “My favorite place as a kid

  1. Ohio Pyle is great and has an nice little town around it. Cucummber falls, good bike paths, camping all are fun for a weekend.

    • It’s an amazing town and honestly I would not mind living there…if I wouldn’t have to drive 2 hours to get to work. It’s so peaceful, quiet and just wonderful up there.

  2. I would have to agree with you Heather that Ohiopyle has so much to do, but my favorite past time as a kid was going to Coopers Rock.

    • My mom never took us to Coopers Rock. I think the main reason we spent so much time up at Ohiopyle was because Jimmy was a river guide there. I don’t care though…I loved being up there. It was always fun.

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