The man I married…

Let me tell you about this guy.

He has been something else. I just…can’t believe him and what he’s done.

About a month ago we found out that I…had…Chiari Malformation Type 1. (Go back through the past few weeks of blog posts and read…it’s all detailed there)

I needed to have brain surgery, which I’m still recovering from.

I was lost. I had no idea what to do. We have 2 kids that need taken care of, the house, a cat and a dog. Not to mention work! I simply didn’t have time to have brain surgery.

So mom moved in…then back out. Lets leave it at they don’t mesh well…at all. So here is this man, who up till this point didn’t have to worry much about housework (he helped me…I just did a majority of it since I was home Monday-Friday), I did bath time with the kids, most of the cooking, taking care of the animals and making sure things were functioning around here. Then Dr. Friedlander throws one hell of a monkey wrench into our lives. The surgery.

Essentially…I’m not allowed to do anything. Not a damned thing. No lifting heavier than 5 lbs, no standing for long periods of time (not that I can), VERY light housework and well…that’s it.

Greg…this big, bad Marine of a husband has had to take over everything. Yes, he baths the boys. Plays with them, does learning time, makes them breakfast before he leaves for work, makes sure there are sandwiches made and in the fridge before he leaves, comes home and cleans. THEN he makes dinner, cleans up from dinner and does laundry. He makes sure that I have whatever I want before I even ask for it. He makes sure that all my pills are where I can get them and that I always have a water bottle full next to me. He makes sure that I am taken care of and happy before he even thinks about himself.

He’s sacrificed so much in the past…almost 2 weeks now to make sure I’m comfortable and happy.

At this point, I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s been more amazing than I could have hoped for. Take today for instance. I spent another pain filled day on the couch and I REALLY wanted ice cream. He was lying on the floor all comfy and what did he do? Got up and got me the ice cream so I wouldn’t have to move. He was busy making dinner and where was I? Curled up, miserable on the couch needing a drink. What did he do? Stopped what he was doing just to get me ice water. Not just water…ICE water. Now that’s love.

Love. He’s been saying it so much more. He doesn’t leave a room or let me leave a room without saying it.I don’t know if the fear of possibly losing me smacked him in the face really hard, but he seems to be a different man really. Maybe the realization that this surgery quite possibly saved my life has made him understand just how close he was to losing me. I don’t know, but I’m really loving my super loving man right now. I’m excited for when he comes home. I’m excited to get calls and texts from him again.

While we are nowhere near a perfect couple and we have our disagreements…I love him. And over this past week I’ve realized that I really do take him for granted most of the time.

I don’t think I could ever truly thank him enough for everything he’s been doing for me. While this surgery has been a huge pain in the ass, I think it was also secretly a blessing in disguise for us.

I love my husband and our lovely little family. Honestly I do.



5 thoughts on “The man I married…

  1. That is such a beautiful tribute (even for a big bad Marine). As life passes us by, we learn to appreciate the little things in life that bring us so much happiness; ie Ice in a glass of water, a yummy dish of ice cream to ease our tummy craving. But most of all are three (very powerful) little words ~ I Love You. I will celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary this July with the love of my life. Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs, health scares, family tragedy, trials and tribulations but those three little (very powerful) words will get you through it all. Our boys still think we are quite silly but we have Friday Nite Date Nite every week. Our friends and family know this night is off limits si don’t call or plan activities as we will not be around. We are out nurturing our relationship and laughing like two little high school kids. Fun times!!

    Hang in there and hoping and praying that everyday you feel a little bit better.

    PS – I find it very sexy watching a real man doing chores!

    PSS – look me up on FB to meet me and my family!! Nancy Jo Franke Cannon

    • I know dad, but you’ve been through quite a lot the past month too.
      And you don’t have to worry, at least about me, Greg is doing a pretty good job. And let Billy know he’ll love the scar on my neck.

  2. Had to go back and read about your journey, Love your honesty, and wishing you a speedy recovery that includes just a few days at the end where you actually feel better, but people still wait on you hand and foot!

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