The Last Day

Today, Easter Sunday 2012, I worked my last day of work before the big day.

Yes, today was my last day for 4-6 weeks.  It was such a long day.

I was excited, yet somewhat sad today. Excited because I don’t have to work for at least a month, sad because…well that means I’m even closer to surgery day.

I really am close. It’s a stones throw away. Just one more day. Tomorrow. That’s it, then in to surgery.

While at work today I typed up a quick document. A bit of a legal document. It was my medical power of attorney. Yeah, I did up a power of attorney. Extreme? Perhaps, but you never know what will happen. Even the most routine surgery can leave someone paralyzed or dead. I don’t want to go in unprepared. I had to do it. It was hard, reading it to Greg (who is my Health Care Agent) was hard.

I think this is starting to freak him out a bit. I think it’s sinking in that yes, this surgery is happening and yes, we have to make some grown up decisions. Decisions about what I want done if something unfortunate should happen. Do I want to be on life support? Do I want to be CMO? Do I want to donate my organs? How about an autopsy? At what point is he allowed to over ride my decisions if things change? Should people be held liable if something does go wrong?

These are decisions I didn’t think I’d have to think about for at least 60 more years. Not when I’m 26.

I’ve been debating with myself all day, should I pack my hospital bags now? Or wait till tomorrow? What do I put in them? What should I take for a 3 night stay?

My poor brain feels so overloaded and I’m just so exhausted. I can’t wait till this is all over. I can’t wait till it’s behind me and I can move forward with life.

On a positive note…I wrote today. Yes, I finished 2 1/2 chapters. That is the most I’ve managed to write in MONTHS!!!! Granted the beginning of the Last Grimm is turning out a bit bloodier than I had anticipated, I like where it’s going. It’s going to be good and hopefully ready for agenting in a few months.

The Last Grimm…not your grandma’s fairy tales.


5 thoughts on “The Last Day

  1. We were in Oakland today (at the Phipps) and passed UPMC … thought of you, as I have so often since you posted the news. You’ll be in my thoughts very much this week. I’m glad you did all those things (POA, etc.) Nobody wants to think about it, but it’s so important.

    It’s probably the last thing on your mind, but is there any chance Greg or someone might be able to update the blog during this week and let us know how you’re doing, even just a brief update? (Or, hell, just have someone send me an email at peanutboo2 AT gmail DOT com). We’re all pulling for you!!!


    • I do plan in blogging from the hospital after the surgery. But I will see if Greg will post a quick update right after I get out to let everyone know that I made it out okay.

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