A wonderful day in Pittsburgh

Today is a great day in the city. Today we can gloat just a bit. Today the Pens played the Flyers and won.

There aren’t many teams I hate more than the Flyers. Okay, there is no team. I hate the Caps just as much as them.
The Pens didn’t just play the Flyers, the were amazing.
Malkin scored his 50th goal, Crosby scored and Pascal Dupuis kept up his scoring streak with 17 points in just as many games.
Jagr sat in the penalty box and Talbot looks like shit in orange.
I’m anxious for this first series to get started. Our boys are playing the awful Flyers first round and there are actually people who think the Pens are going to lose.
Really? Have you forgotten about the ’09 season already? Pens were going worse than the Flyers and guess what… THEY WON THE CUP BIATCHES!!! So I’m not worried. All, almost all, of our players are in top condition and playing amazingly.
How can anyone doubt them?
I personally cannot wait to obtain my playoff tickets. For the first round.


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