Pre-oped it…

Well today was pre-op day. Which means that surgery is in 5 days.

Yes, only 5 days.

I met with Dr. Friedlander and Dr. Juan Martin to talk and go over things. Dr. Friendlander has a very calming effect on people. Mainly me. I’d lie if I said I wasn’t nervous and terrified. Who wouldn’t be?

Of course the good doc reassured me that I’d be fine and I’m in the best hands, then ordered me to not be nervous. I’m trying.

After meeting with them I headed across the pedestrian bridge from Presby to Montefiore for the actual pre-op stuff. I thought it was going to be just meeting with the anesthesiologist and maybe some blood work.

OH NO!!!! So much more. First an EKG, then the blood work and finally a chest x-ray.

Before all of that I did meet with the resident anesthesiologist. We did talking, got vitals and all that fun shit. Then she informed me of what would happen to be before surgery, but after I was knocked out. What she told me made me go “Oh shit!” In my head.

First, I’m going to be on a ventilator during and after surgery. Granted, as long as things go as planned, it comes out after I wake up, but holy shit.

Then I find out I’m getting a central line in my neck. 0_o Not looking forward to that at all.

I’ll also have an arterial line in my wrist. Wonderful.

Then I get to phlebotomy and after having a million tubes of blood drawn I got this lovely bracelet:

I ask what it’s for…well it’s for when I get/if I need a blood transfusion.


This was all new and rather overwhelming information. I’m still sitting here going wtf?

The surgery is supposed to last for about 4 hours. I’ll be in the hospital 2-4 days post-op.

I’m still nervous as shit. I’ve only got 5 days until my skull is cut into and Dr. Friedlander has his awesome surgeon hands all over my brain. Okay not all over it, but ya know what I mean.

I’m glad that the boys are still young. They have no idea what is going on or what is going to happen. The only thing they know is mommy is sick and the doctor is fixing her. This will be the first time I’m away from them for more than 12 1/2 hours. (I do 12 1/2 hour shifts at Presby…) I’ll be away from them for days. DAYS AWAY FROM MY BABIES! I know between the man and mom they’re going to be fine…but I won’t be with them. 😦 I won’t be with my cat or dog. I won’t be in my bed. I won’t be in my house.

This is also my first surgery. Well, major surgery. I haven’t had anything more serious than a tonsillectomy when I was 8 or 9.

Oh Tuesday, April 10…you’re coming so fast!


2 thoughts on “Pre-oped it…

  1. You and your family are very much in my prayers Heather. I am sure that you have plenty of friends and family to help, but I’m of the belief that you can never have too many. So I’m here if there is ANYTHING I can do. Even if it is just to run out and drop some dinner off for your husband and boys.

    • Thank you Jeremy. It does mean a lot knowing that so many people are on my side. Thanks for the offer to. And you’re right, you can never have too many friends.

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