My poor dad…

My dad is having a REALLY bad March/April so far. And April has just started.

You see, now, he’s not just having one kid go under the knife…but it’s 2. Yes, 2 of his 3 children are having surgery within a week of each other.

Who is it I’m talking about?

Me and my poor baby brother Billy.

Alright, so Billy isn’treally a baby. He’s turning 18 next month, but out of the 3 of us…he’s the baby. Granted our brother is only a few minutes older (yes, they’re twins. I have twins, dad has twins…we all have twins.) but he’s still the baby.

Over the past few months he’s been having a lot of health issues, like me. Only mine aren’t as icky as his. I’ve managed to keep the vomit and blood inside my body. Not so much him.

His mother (not mine…same dad, different moms) has taken him to a few different doctors, surgeons and what have you. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with the poor kid. Much like my plight with doctors over the past TEN stinkin years. First it’s his gallbladder, then allergies, maybe his appendix, no it’s his gallbladder, oh wait it could be this.

Nobody could seem to agree on what the hell was wrong with the kid. And all along he’s just getting sicker and sicker and sicker. It got to the point where he started having horrible stomach pains on Friday. He stopped eating. He goes to Death Mon Valley Hospital and gets a CT Scan done. Then they send him home. Yup, they sent home a kid in severe pain just like that. The pain doesn’t stop, he’s still not eating and dad is worried. So off to Jefferson hospital they go last night.

FINALLY, a hospital with brains. (They just so happen to be UPMC owned BTW…) They admit him. They run tests, help ease the pain and nausea so he can at least eat SOMETHING. The surgeons met with him this morning…surgery tomorrow. They’re going in and taking out his appendix and possibly the gallbladder.

He’ll be in the hospital for about a week…then I go in for my surgery.

Oh, and not only are we (Billy and I) having surgery, his girlfriend had surgery last month. Carol, she’s more than a girlfriend though. She’s such an amazing woman and I’m so glad she’s finally feeling better.

While it does suck that we are all sick/having surgeries…we’re all getting better. Carol is already feeling better, Billy boy will be feeling better and so will I. That’s what keeps me somewhat sane through all this insanity…we’re all getting better.

THANK YOU DOCTORS! (For me…thanks Dr. Friedlander!)


Oh and 3 days till pre-op and 8 till surgery day!


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