You think you feel better, then you don’t

I posted not even a week ago about my recovery and how great it’s going. Well, damnit, it has taken a turn. Which means, I get to call Dr. Friedlanders office tomorrow. Continue reading


I couldn’t even imagine

I stayed up a bit later than usual for my right now sickly self…10 pm. While I was browsing around and reading Yahoo “news” (they truly suck) I saw an article that just made me click on it. “Bucket List for Dying Baby“.

Who wouldn’t click that? It’s a sad story and sadly, we humans can’t help but read sad things to make ourselves sad. Continue reading


Hello my avid readers. I know you’ve all been foaming at the mouth wondering where the hell/how the hell I’ve been doing, so have no fear, Dr. Friedlander was successful. I’ve just been in pain and recovering since last Tuesday.

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Today is the day

I’m not used to waking up so early. Okay, except for Saturday’s and Sunday’s if I work day shift. But normally I get to sleep til 9 or 10. Today, today I was up by 4 am. Today is a day that I’ve been looking forward to and dreading for the past 2 weeks.
Today is the day.

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