Another fear

As this surgery gets closer new fears begin to creep into my mind.
Some of them logical, most of them not.
This newest one though, yeah, it has me thinking.

Obviously I love writing. I do it whenever I can. Some nights I stay up till the crack of dawn just writing. I enjoy weaving a story together from my imagination. So what is the newest paranoia?

What is the creativity disappears? What if my burning passion for writing and story- telling vanishes with the migraines? I don’t want to lose my passion. I honestly love writing. It is such a great stress reliever not to mention I’m good at it.

I know this is probably a ridiculous fear considering the good doctor won’t even have his hands on my brain, just the skull. Still, I can’t help but worry. As much as I love my job, it’s not my passion. (I like they word, can you tell?) I honestly don’t have a burning desire to be a secretary forever. Shocking right?

I suppose everything that I’ve been afraid of since finding out about needing surgery are coming out now. I mean the big day is only 10 days away. I’m almost into single digits. Another scarier thought, what if I don’t make it off the OR table? What if that’s the end of the line for me? I know it’s highly unlikely, but what if?

I’m making myself depressed now.


4 thoughts on “Another fear

  1. Well the frontal lobe controls creativity, and it is nowhere near where you’ll be having your surgery. The brain stem is at the back and base of your skull. The front lobe is the front part of your brain, like where your forehead is. Shouldn’t have to worry about the surgery destroying your creativity.

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