The 11 day cleaning spree

You sure did read that heading right. 11 day cleaning spree. Why? Because that is what I do when I get nervous. I clean.

And oh boy am I nervous.

My surgery is approaching rather quickly. I’m almost in the single digits. How long until my surgery? 11 days.

See how that correlates? 11 day cleaning spree, 11 days till my surgery…

I know I shouldn’t be so worried and nervous. I have one of the best surgeons, will have some of the best nurses, have loads of family and friends rooting for me…what could go wrong?

Well, you see, I have TERRIBLE luck. I mean it’s just down right sad how awful my luck is. I won’t say all the horrible things I’ve been thinking of that could happen. I’ll just end up jinxing myself. I just won’t say it. Plus, as far as brain surgeries go…this one is nothing. A piece of cake. Minimally invasive. Which is good. The good doctor technically won’t have his hands all over my brain just my skull and cerebral tonsils. Possibly the spinal cord…I think. I’m trying not to read up to much on the surgery. It will just freak me the hell out.

But, back to my cleaning spree. I decided to keep my self preoccupied for the next 11 days I’m just going to clean and work out. Yup, clean and work out. It will keep me busy and I won’t think much about the pending skull removal.

Folks, I’m freaking out. So, I’m going to scrub walls. Maybe I’ll do the carpets again. Yeah, I’ll scrub walls and carpets today. Yesterday I scrubbed my kitchen floor for the 3rd time this week. I’m sure I’ll do it a few more times within the next 11 days. 11 DAYS!

I need to do window sills too. Yeah, I’ll do those today too.

Forgive the ramblings. Ciao for now.


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