A great, suspensful, horror movie

I’m not super into horror movies, but there are some that I like. There is one in particular that always freaks me out no matter how many times I see it.

Lets see how well you know your movies…if you know this line then you’ll know which movie I’m talking about.

“A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

Know the movie? No, well take a look at the house below. (Yes, this is a photo I took yesterday.)


This was the house of James “Buffalo Bill” Gumb in The Silence of the Lambs. No, the house is not a movie prop, it belongs to a very lovely retired couple. The original state of the house, not what you see in the movie, is actually remarkably beautiful. It’s gorgeous really.

The house isn’t a million miles away or on some movie lot, it’s next door to where my mother lives. Yup, that creepy house is right across the train tracks. Of course 15 years later all traces of the movie being filmed there are gone, but it’s still cool to see it in person. In fact, there are still tourists who will pull over and take photos of the house.

The house is PRIVATE PROPERTY, meaning that you can’t just go up to and in the house. Or in the yard.

If you’ve never seen The Silence of the Lambs and aren’t super squeamish, see it. It is a good movie.

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