I’m an addict

So I went to the doctor a few days ago. The third time in just as many months. I swear I’m going to be sending that womans kids through college with how much I visit her.

As I’ve said in other posts I’m taking Zoloft for my depression. It’s helping, but for quite some time now I’ve been having these horrible migraines. Painful, painful migraines.

Well doc decided she wants me to cut back on caffeine. WAY back…and to go have blood work done and an MRI.

Yes, I now have to figure out what is causing these headaches. So the first thing is to cut out caffeine. I’m allowed one cup of caffeine a day. I’m supposed to choose what type of caffeine I want, but how do I do that? Tis true though. I’m a complete caffeine junky. I love caffeine. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda, chocolate…anything with caffeine, I need. I survive on caffeine.

I blame my mother.

Why? Because she’s a caffeine junky too. That woman drinks more coffee than any person I know. So…thanks mom! (lol. I kid, I kid)

I honestly never really thought much about my addiction. I’d always heard about these crazy folks who become so hooked on a drug (which I suppose caffeine is one) they depend on it. I kept saying, “Wow, what losers. That will NEVER happen to me.” And while I have avoided the “bad drugs”, I didn’t escape the caffeine trap.

I was warned that for about a week I will be a raging bitch with horrendous migraines and just miserable. So far…nothing. It’s the same pounding I’ve been experiencing. It sucks.

I’ve also been having issues concentrating, focusing and doing anything. I’m tired 24/7 and just blah. So, so blah.

Which prompted her to prescribe blood work to make sure my kidney functions are normal in order to get an MRI done. I have 3 weeks to get all this shit done. Yeah, 3 weeks.

I’m actually kind of nervous. I know the MRI is just to rule out the possibility of something else, but what if there is something? What if it’s not my excessive use of caffeine that is causing these migraines.

I’m only 26. Should I really be having all these health issues already? I am relatively healthy, albeit a bit over weight, which I’m working on. Slowly.

So, what does one do? How do you prepare for something like this? Should I really be as nervous and worried as I am? I’ve never had one of these done…does it hurt? What do you expect?

Why is it I always think of questions after my appointments?

Ah shit. Ya know.


8 thoughts on “I’m an addict

  1. At one point (in my early 20s), I was drinking a large coffee in the morning followed by no less than 6 cans of Pepsi throughout the day, with substantial amounts of chocolate to boot. I gradually got off the Pepsi and years later (I’m 43 now) am down to one cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes two. That still didn’t stop the migraines, which would be several times per month and last for 2-3 days at a time. For years.

    This past December, a new doctor who finally took my headaches seriously put me on Topamax every day with Maxalt as needed whenever I feel a migraine coming on. It has been a freaking GODSEND. Changed my life, I’m telling you.

    Worth asking about.

    • I may have to do that. I cheated today. I had a bunch of coffee. It was such a bad day that I just had to drink it.

      These migraines have been going on for so long though, I don’t think it’s the caffeine. They started before the caffeine addiction.

  2. Eh you can’t really compare a caffeine addiction to a real drug addiction. I’ve never heard of a caffeine addict who was constantly lying to everyone and stealing from them and couldn’t function and couldn’t go to work or lost their kids. lol

    I had an MRI done for headaches back in like middle school. Lol. But they found nothing and that was the end of that, so I’m still stuck with them. Haha. My point is don’t worry about it. The last couple of years, with being pregnant, having the boys, etc. have no doubt been hard on your body. Things change. Don’t feel like you’re old and falling apart already (because then wtf does that make me since I’m older than you? haha).

    • You never know. My caffeine addiction could be so bad I’ll start going to junky houses seeking out that coveted drop of coffee. I’ll become so fixated on getting my “fix” that I’ll ignore everything. Just gotta get that next sip. Ohhhh that sweet nectar!!!

      haha. Yeah, I’m hoping they don’t find anything and after a week of moodiness everything is normal.

  3. Im sure there is some form of AA group….they have it for everything: sex addicts, gambling, food addicts, etc. Also have you had your eyes checked recently? Or have you had your wisdom teeth out? Sometimes the symptoms of your eyes changing/struggling due to large amounts infront of TV/Computers/Cells can cause strain which in turn causes massive miagraines. I used to get horrid migraines and it turned out to needing glasses and my wisdom teeth out. Also large amounts of caffine isnt good for anyone….but how does chocolate fit into this cut back? I dont think i could part with chocolate. Dont stress about it! Im sure youre in great health and it might be something as simple as cutting back on the caffine or throwing in ear plugs when the toddlers fight.

    • I had my wisdom teeth out when I was 18 and my eyes were checked about a year or two ago. Which I suppose I should get it done again.

      And apparently there is a lot of caffeine in chocolate or at least too much for me. I’m allowed to have a little bit…so no more inhaling king sized candy bars for me. šŸ˜¦

  4. I wonder if Betty Ford handles caffeine addictions. šŸ˜‰

    sorry, I know it’s not really a joke. I feel for you. Ask if you can take the equivalent of one cup of caffeine a day and break it up to cover the whole day in smaller increments!

    • lol Jeremy. I’ll call and ask. I can just imagine the group session. I’d be sitting there twitching going, “Coffee? Coffee? Hey, hey buddy…do you have any…coffee?”

      I didn’t think about breaking it up through out the day. That is not a bad idea. But, I don’t know if I can do half a cup at one point and half at another. Or a swig here and a swig there. Once I start I can’t stop. It’s like pringles. lol.

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