Not even the hospitals are safe

I work at Presby. It’s a UPMC hospital located in the heart of Oakland, Pa. (Right outside of downtown Pittsburgh)

Normally college central (It is right on the University of Pitt’s campus…in fact UPMC stands for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)is a quiet area. Nothing major going on besides rowdy frat parties, some speeding and a ton of college students.

That is…until the quiet area was disturbed by some lunatics today.

Today, at around 2 pm, police were called to WPIC. (Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic) There was at least one known shooter.

9 people have been shot, 2 are dead. The 7 who survived are being treated at Presby for their injuries.

It’s horrible to think that even going to work at a hospital you aren’t safe. You aren’t safe in schools, hospitals…no where.

Fortunately I was not at work today. I was home with the monsters kids. But as I was checking out my Facebook I saw that headline.

Honestly, I didn’t believe it at first.Then I saw more and more posts. Then I saw people I work with posting. Sadly, it is true.

Let me tell you about my unit.

I work on 6D. The Neurosugical unit. We take care of patients who had brain and spine surgeries with the occasional off service patient. Our nurses station is near an outside wall. We can look out the window and see…dun dun dun…WPIC. Yes, if I spin my chair around to face the windows, I stare into WPIC.

It is frightening to know that sort of thing happened “so close to home”. WPIC is right next door to where I work. We’re connected to that hospital. I’ve discharged many a patient to WPIC.

Just way too close to home for comfort.

The violence in this world seems to just be escalating. Every day you here about some new atrocity, or a parent killing their child, a parents boy/girlfriend killing their child or some whacked out shooter going on a rampage.

What sense is there in storming into a hospital and shooting 9 people? Or going into a school and shooting the students? Or harming a child?
What does being an ignorant asshat gotten anyone?
Absolutely nothing.

I’m disappointed in the world. Really I am. Is there hope for the future?


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