Sarris is REOPENING IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!

If you’re not from southwestern Pa or have been living under a rock, a few weeks ago Sarris Candies Company burned.

It was a chocolatey wonderland! Err…mess.

Melted Sarris chocolate everywhere. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me and my spoon in to help with clean up. Something about the chocolate being contaminated with debris or some shit. I didn’t care. I wanted chocolate.

Then the thought dawned on me, wait a minute, Easter is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!! What is southwestern Pa going to do without Sarris chocolate? What am I going to do without Sarris chocolate?

They swore up and down that they would be up and running within 2 weeks. Nothing would hold them back.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical. How on earth could they get cleaned up and running in time?

I considered stock piling. How else would I get my chocolate craving satisfied?

I didn’t and today I read THIS!

Let me tell you how excited I was. They are reopening in 2 DAYS!!! They kept their word, they will be reopening within 2 weeks. Which also means there should be chocolate for the Easter baskets next month!!!

You may think I’m crazy for singing such praises to a candy company, but honestly it is the best chocolate I’ve ever had and I’ve had a LOT of chocolate. A LOT. I have a serious sweet tooth and chocolate is my favorite way to satisfy it. So trust me when I say go out and buy Sarris candy bars right now. The plain and almond are my favorite. The caramel isn’t bad at all. Beats out a Carmelo bar by a million miles. (And I love Carmelo’s)

If you didn’t even know that Sarris burnt “down”, it did and now they’re reopening. I believe the ice cream part of the store is going to be up and going by summer. I’ll admit, I’ve never had Sarris ice cream. That is on my list of things to do this summer though. I will go to their shop and I will get ice cream.

I love sweets. YYYUUUMMMMYYY!!!!!!!!

So, in two days, go support our local candy company and say welcome back!


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