The Pittsburgh Writers Group

So I’ve posted a few times about a writers group.

Well, I’m posting again.

And sorry, today is a bit boring.

A few weeks ago I started a writers group I’m calling The Pittsburgh Writers Group. (Or I may call it Pittsburgh Writers Association, I haven’t decided yet.)

The first meeting wasn’t bad at all. There was me and two other folks, Chuck and Jean. They’ve been there since the beginning…well through all 3 of the meetings we’ve had. lol.

This last meeting, our 3rd, was a HUGE success.

I honestly never thought I’d have more than 4 or 5 people show up. Ever. I was wholly expecting my group to be a complete failure. How wrong was I! The meeting had about 10 people. 10! I was thrilled. Sure, the meeting was a bit chaotic and I was a scatter brain, but it was a success. Everybody got along so well, I left so motivated and I’m anxious for the next meeting.

I have not written a word book wise. Nope, not a single word. It’s frustrating. I’m motivated I know what I want to write, just not HOW to write it. Yes, I don’t know how to write it. I’ve written and rewritten a million times. I trashed the entire novel, after it was finished, to rewrite it. Now, I’m stuck. I’m in that dreaded rut many of us land in. There is wall in front of me and here I am without a bird to knock it down.

I honestly don’t know how to break this one.

The story premise is good. I absolutely LOVE it. I just wasn’t happy with the original. At all. But it was as though once I trashed the old copy, things just came to a screeching halt.



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