A proper Mullen’s review

If you remember last week or the week before I posted about Mullen’s Bar and Grill on the North Shore. There was a report that they were failing inspections and had an infestation problem.

After my post was made public I received an email from the owner Bubba Snider inviting me to take a tour and judge the place for myself.

So that is what I did this past Friday.

I had told Bubba that I would be at the bar at 7:30 pm. I decided to show up a little earlier and just do a quick scan of the dining area and bar.

It looked a typical Pittsburgh bar. The floors were clean, the bar clean, employees shuffling about and the dreaded karaoke was getting started. Yes, they have karaoke every Friday night. The guy they have there is SUPER nice and I admit, I am one of those folks who enjoy sitting back and watching others make complete asses out of themselves. So, not so dreaded I suppose.  I sat down and ordered my drink while waiting for 7:30. The bartender was so super pleasant and friendly. Which is nice. I can’t tell you how many places I’ve been in where I’m either ignored or the employee is so rude I want to b*tch slap rolling eyes out of their head.

The price of my drink sucked though. $5 for a Smirnoff. The Friday night beer special made up for it though. Every Friday from 5-7 pm they have .99 beers. Yes, you read that right. 99 CENTS for a beer. Not all beers. Just one specific kind of beer. It rotates. I actually had to ask Eric  twice if that was right. That is by far the best happy hour price I’ve ever heard of. It’s just too bad that I hate beer. (Except Leinenkugel. That stuff is f*ing amazing.)

 Once the time hit I asked for Bubba. Unfortunately he was not there. So, I met with his night manager, Eric, instead and the tour commenced. That place is not what I expected. In the 12 years I’ve been working, I’ve worked in many restaurants and bars. Some clean…some not so much. Mullen’s on the North Shore, yeah, it’s clean. I don’t know what it looked like prior to the health inspection, but I’m telling you now. It is immaculate. In the dry stock area, cooler and freezers everything is up off the floor and away from the wall, nothing on the floors, properly sealed and dated. Coolers and freezers are within the appropriate temperature range, the kitchen is clean and floors are not sticky. Which sticky bar floors are one of my biggest pet peeves. I HATE STICKY BAR FLOORS!!!!!

 I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. In fact, when the man and I go out for our next date night, I think we’re heading to Mullen’s. I haven’t tried the food out so that will be the next mission. It did smell amazing. Seriously, it smelled really good.

 I’m also happy to say that they DO NOT have Lobster Zone anymore. If you have never heard of that disgusting game, it’s like the crane game only with live lobsters. There is a tank and for $2 you can “win” a lobster. It’s cruel and inhumane. I’m glad they got rid of it.

On Saturday’s they are hosting a sort of comedy club upstairs in their VIP room. They are partnering with Wolfie’s Comedy to have another room in Pittsburgh for comedians. Which, we definitely do not have enough of. I’ve been to the Funny Bone a few times and…meh. Sometimes funny, other times…meh. This past Saturday, February 18, they hosted Jesse Joyce from New York who has been on the Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing and is the head writer for the Comedy Central Roasts. They actually sold out of tickets. 

So, I retract my last post. I will be going to Mullen’s and I am actually looking forward to it. While it may not be a Pittsburgh based bar (Mullen’s originated in Chicago) it has acclimated well to our little city. It seems to have adapted to what we like and what we ‘burgers enjoy. (FYI other bars that are looking to settle in our area…ACCLIMATE TO US!!! Don’t try to make us fit into your bar. You fit us.) We love our sports, we love our beers, we love our greasy food. That is what we want. Sports, food and beer. We don’t need NY style clubs, we don’t need/want half-naked Scottish hookers running around. Give us friendly waiters/bartenders, alcohol and music and we are happy.

So Mullen’s, good job. I look forward to visiting you and fully enjoying myself when I have longer than an hour or two


4 thoughts on “A proper Mullen’s review

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    • It’s no problem at all. I’m glad that Bubba invited me to tour. Like I told Eric, that place is probably one of the cleanest bars I’ve ever been in. I was really impressed and I’m actually really excited about coming to visit on the next date night with the husband. He was excited about the .99 special on Friday. That is absolutely an amazing special. lol.

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