Writers block, writers block…oh how I hate thee

I’ve been working on a particular story for some time now. About two months actually. I was almost done. Nearly there, when I decided I did not like the story anymore.

What did I do?
I trashed it.

Yes, I trashed the 30k words I had already written and I am starting over.

Completely over.

Same concept…all new story. Since restarting I’ve run into this horrendous writers block. So bad that I can’t even write the first damn chapter. Hell with the chapter, I can’t get the first damned line out.

I know exactly what I want to write. I have the entire story in my head…I just can not find the words. Which is rare for me. I usually always know what to write.

So this is what I’ve been doing. pounding furiously on the netbook. Then…delete, delete, delete. Tippity, tappity, delete, delete, tippity, tap. Curse words, curse words, curse words, bottle of wine, curse words.

That has been my process.

I’m about to upgrade to some stronger alcohol.



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