You see a car accident…so you take video first.

I’ve come across my fair share of accidents in the almost 27 years I’ve been alive.

A good number of them were when I was just a kid. Why on earth would a child end up at the scene of an accident?

Because, my mother was an EMT for many years and if I was with her when a call came through, I went with her. It was educational and exciting for a 10-year-old to watch mommy save someones life. I always had such respect for my mother. She was an EMT, only making maybe $8/hour (remember this was 16 years ago.) saving lives. She was my hero and such an amazing woman.

That is why this news story just pissed me off. I have so little respect for people anymore.

In Hampstead, Canada there was a pretty nasty vehicle accident involving a truck and a van. The van was carrying 13 migrant workers and the truck slammed into the back of it. 10 of those workers and the truck driver were killed.

One gentleman, who had first aid training, (I believe everyone should have some form of first aid training) got out of his vehicle to help as many people as he could. He performed CPR and other life saving techniques on people until rescue crews were able to get to the scene.

As he stood back and let the professionals take over, he looked around and noticed a small gathering of people off to the side. What were these disgusting excuses of human beings doing? VIDEO TAPING THE CARNAGE!

That’s right. Instead of offering help they just took video of the wreck and the dying people on their cell phones.

Has the world become so disconnected with being kind to each other that now it’s no big deal to just stand by and watch people die?

As a person who does love her cell phone, netbook and kindle I can say it was disturbing reading that story. There are two accidents I really remember that happened only a few years ago, after I was able to drive on my own. One happened the same night I was in an accident, a couple driving in front of me spun out and flipped over an embankment during a snow storm. Did I stop? Yes. Did I get out of my vehicle? Yes. Did I video tape their screams of pain?
HELL NO! I got my cell phone and I called for help. Then I ran to their vehicle to make sure they were okay. Luckily they were.

The second happened after I was done getting my nails done. As I drove back into Pittsburgh, heading home I saw two cars collide and then slam into the barrier of the road in front of me. Did I stop? Yup. Did I get out? Yup. Did I video tape the woman who was scrambling to get her child (who was unharmed aside from a bump on her head) out of the mangled wreckage of the car? HELL NO! I got out my cell phone and called for help. Then went over to help and make sure everyone was okay.

I suppose gone are the days of helping out another person when they are in need of assistance. Gone are the days of caring about each other. Now it’s just get video as fast as possible and post it to Youtube and Facebook for the world to see!!! Hurry…that’s what’s most important! Not the people who are trapped in vehicles, dying or crying for help. Nope, getting that video footage is.

If you ever happen upon an accident, please don’t worry about getting footage of the carnage offer assistance to those who need it. Try bringing out your inner human and caring.

I also have to say I have a high regard for EMTs, paramedics, nurses, cops, firefighters, flight nurses and those doctors who do care about their patients. It’s a tough job and I’ve admitted a few times I could never do it. Not for my lack of caring but because I don’t have the stomach for it. I really don’t. Blood and bodily fluids completely gross me out. Even my own kids vomit and other bodily functions just make me gag. So kudos to those of you who do it for a living.


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