When mom needs a break…

Having 3 1/2-year-old twins is not easy.

Far from it really.

There are a lot of days when I feel like this…

Today was one of those days. The kids were up late last night…as usual and decided 11 am was a good wake up time. Which is fine, except as the came stomping down the stairs I could hear them fighting. Yes, they fought as they came downstairs.

All I could do is groan because I already knew what my day had in store.

Let me tell you everything with them has been one gigantic fight after another. As my crab asses sat down at the table I asked what they wanted to eat. They wanted to eat different things. No big deal in the morning, well…for them it was. I guess to them, the other had to eat the same thing as his brother.

After 20 minutes of fighting over Eggo waffles and Captain Crunch…I managed to make myself some tea. I really did plan on savoring my tea. I love tea.

I didn’t get to. With my tea mug raised to my lips, I was ready to take a sip…until I hear this ear-piercing screech.

Eli touched Brett’s milk cup. Then Brett touched Eli’s cereal bowl.

Half an hour later, my cold and now disgusting tea was drank. (Or is it drunk?)

That is how my entire day went. Just like that. My two monsters stressed me out so bad that I now have a cold sore. It has been one of our rougher days and I suspect that the boys will be getting showered and going to bed early tonight.

Don’t get me wrong…when my children aren’t acting like the little spawn of Satan they’re great kids. They laugh and play so well together. Unfortunately, most of their day is spent like little hell beasts. I sometimes wonder if, instead of halos, someone secretly attached horns to them when I wasn’t looking.

So, since today was so rough I had to do something that relaxes me. I picked up my big, fat cat and hugged her.

Thank God today is almost over…


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