Suck it port authority

As those of you who have been reading me since, oh I don’t know about October, know that I work part-time for UPMC. The hospital I work at is in Oakland. Which is not right next door to where I live.

As those of you who work not next door to where you live knows, parking can be EXPENSIVE. Expensive and a pain in the ass. So I do what a lot of other folks do.

I bus it.

Well, that may have to come to an end shortly. You see the Port Authority wants to cut 46 bus routes in the next year (One of those routes being mine.) and jack up the fares…again. For the FOURTH time in 4 ½ years. Yes, they have raised fares four times in just as many years and yet they are STILL somehow sort on funding.

How is this possible??? Seriously!

Well, port authority, let me tell you. I AM NOT A HAPPY BUS GOER!

Let me tell you another reason why.

Okay, say you cut my bus route. Fine, I can walk the ½ mile to the next bus stop. No big deal. My ever-expanding ass could use the uphill walk. What bothers me is the fact that at 6:13 am (the first bus of the day…at the bus stop that is ½ mile away from my house. Yeah, I get up at 4 am.) the bus is packed. Yes, so packed there is nowhere to sit. So packed that by time it gets to the Northside the driver has to pass up stops because it’s too full. So packed that I get off 2 stops early because I’m sick of being pushed, stepped on and punched in the back of the head. Which in turn causes me to miss my bus to get to Presby and I am then either late to work or just making it by the skin of my teeth. This morning I managed to clock in at exactly 7:00 am.


It is ridiculous that they plan on jacking up the fares, yet cutting the routes. Okay, for me being on a crowded bus and getting to work is better than having to walk the 10 miles there. And I could always drive. Sure. But parking is atrocious. What would you rather do, pay $88/month for a bus pass or $100-$300 for a parking lease? Plus gas. Ummmm…I’m going with the bus pass thanks. So, back to the cutting routes, what happens to those folks who don’t have another route close to them? What about those who really can not afford to go out and buy a car or pay the ludicrously high parking rates? What happens to them? Is it just, “Oh screw them. Who cares.” Really Port Authority?


Sure I understand budget restrictions. I know that it’s gotta be hard to work around that. Obviously they’re skimping on good drivers and maintenance. How else would you explain all the busses hitting folks, wreaking, catching on fire or loosing tires? But why punish the hardworking people of Pittsburgh by cutting out their routes? How are these people going to get back and forth from work, doctors appointments and what not?


They’re not going to be able to. Say someone does have a decent paying job further from their house then they’d like, but rely on the bus to get there. If that bus gets cut, they can’t get to work. They can’t get to work, then they lose their job. If they lose their job, they lose their home. They lose their home, they are now homeless. Or they have to take a huge pay cut and work at some place like Burger King or McDonalds. See that? It’s the dreaded domino affect. What you folks at Port Authority do, affects us average joeschmoes.


So really, rethink all these cuts and fare jacking. Otherwise, there is going to be a riot in Pittsburgh.


Oh, and thanks for almost making me late this morning you jerks.



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