Health Department Issues Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being the responsible ‘Burgher that I am, I must pass along this information.

It’s disgusting and just nasty.

Like any other sane couple, Greg and I enjoy going out every now and then. Sure it’s not as much as pre-monsters, but it’s still enough. In fact, Friday is our date night. (Thanks for babysitting mom!)

Well, as I was browsing Facebook in my few minutes of time between doing this and that I noticed a headline on WTAE’s page I just couldn’t pass up.

Health Department Issues Mullen’s Alert After Inspection.

Folks, if you live in the Pittsburgh area, please don’t go to this restaurant/bar until they get their shit together.

Back in the day before kids, growing up and starting my job with UPMC I worked in restaurants. I worked my way from crew member, to bartender, to general manager. I can honestly say that in all the restaurants, bars and night clubs I’ve worked in, I have NEVER seen mice, bugs and droppings. That is just unsanitary, disgusting and nasty. If you feel like getting sick, sure keep on going.

My biggest question though, why is this place allowed to say open? It was investigated SIX times. Not once or twice like the other 5,000 + restaurants and bars…six. In one year. It’s obvious that even though the management/owners “fix” the problem, they haven’t taken the necessary steps to prevent the issue from happening again. I suppose they can go ahead and blame the staff for not following nightly/morning clean up rules, but really folks, who’s the boss here? Who is/are the one(s) responsible for ensuring that everything is properly cleaned, labeled and put away for the night? The management team is, that’s who. Every place I’ve worked, I was not allowed to leave until I was checked out or until I checked out my employees. And guess what, no rodent infestations. No bugs. No nastiness that required SIX inspections from the Health Department.

Honestly, Mullen’s was one of the places we were considering going to after dinner on Friday. Not now. Absolutely not. We’ll be taking our business else where.

Perhaps Casey’s Draft House or Mario’s. But not Mullen’s.





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