Sarris is REOPENING IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!

If you’re not from southwestern Pa or have been living under a rock, a few weeks ago Sarris Candies Company burned.

It was a chocolatey wonderland! Err…mess.

Melted Sarris chocolate everywhere. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me and my spoon in to help with clean up. Something about the chocolate being contaminated with debris or some shit. I didn’t care. I wanted chocolate.

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A proper Mullen’s review

If you remember last week or the week before I posted about Mullen’s Bar and Grill on the North Shore. There was a report that they were failing inspections and had an infestation problem.

After my post was made public I received an email from the owner Bubba Snider inviting me to take a tour and judge the place for myself.

So that is what I did this past Friday.

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Busin it with the sick

I work two days a week. (I love you part-time) Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Being that I only work two days a week, yes I do go in during the week occasionally at nights, I just bus it in.

Public transportation sucks. I’ve ranted about it before. It’s over crowded, people are rude and you never know who you’re going to end up next to.

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You see a car accident…so you take video first.

I’ve come across my fair share of accidents in the almost 27 years I’ve been alive.

A good number of them were when I was just a kid. Why on earth would a child end up at the scene of an accident?

Because, my mother was an EMT for many years and if I was with her when a call came through, I went with her. It was educational and exciting for a 10-year-old to watch mommy save someones life. I always had such respect for my mother. She was an EMT, only making maybe $8/hour (remember this was 16 years ago.) saving lives. She was my hero and such an amazing woman.

That is why this news story just pissed me off. I have so little respect for people anymore.

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