An ode to coffee

Like so many other people in the world…I rely on coffee.

I love coffee.

I think I may drink too much of it.

This is my ode to coffee.

My mornings are rough, so rough you see.

That damn sun shines in my eyes waking me at the ass crack of dawn.

The house slumbers as the beams pierce my eye lids, forcing me out of bed.

I stumble and curse my way down stairs to my wonderous coffee pot.

I see the glass gleam as that wretched sun shines onto it.

I greedily grab it and rush to the counter, awaiting the moment I’ll smell that sweet elixir.

The scent of coffee grounds wafts up from the container smacking me in the face.

I carefully scope the precious grounds into a filter, savoring the fact that I’ll be sipping at the delicious drink in just 5 minutes.

I sit and watch as it percolates.

The last drips land with a splash into the pot below.

Like a thief in the night, I snag a coffee mug and pour the sweet nectar of the Gods.

Sugar and cream swirl to a nice beige color.

It’s ready.

As the amazing brew touches my lips, I sip.


Cursing…I start over as the f*cking sun shines through the window.


4 thoughts on “An ode to coffee

  1. I too am a lover of coffee. I try all different brands and even get coffee mailed to me from different parts of the world. A few years ago I finally wised up and bought a coffee strainer. It was the best thing I ever did! Pour the coffee from the pot through the strainer into a cup. I saves wasting coffee and time.

    • I’d love to be some international coffee mailing list. OMG…the different smells of different brews….that would make getting up in the morning worth it even more. lol

    • lol. I’d be absolutely lost without my coffee in the morning, afternoon and early night. I had to write this while drinking my coffee after the foggy morning brain vacated.

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