Oh what a stressful night…

If you’ve never read any of my posts, I have 3-year-old twin boys. Brett and Eli. Have you ever heard of the terrible two’s? You have? Well it doesn’t end there. It goes on to terrorizing three’s, which are worse than terrible two’s.


Lately the boys have been unusually bad. I mean REALLY naughty. Enough to make my hair start turning grey at the tender age of 26 1/2. Thank God my hair is of a blondish color so I don’t have to start dyeing it yet.

Let me illustrate for you one of the instances that has made me frazzled and need a few bottles of wine.






5 thoughts on “Oh what a stressful night…

  1. I thought it was kind of mean of you to wake Greg up with freezing cold hands when he has to be up for work … but he kinda deserves it for this. Lol. I’m pretty sure if the kids are peeing on the floor or each other, that’s an appropriate time to go help. (It’s also reason #1,304,587 why I will not be having kids. haha)

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