The Koala Bear

I am a co-sleeper who hogs the bed.

Yes…I hate sleeping alone, but I love having the entire bed. This is a predicament for the hubsters.

However, I found a solution….the koala bear.

What’s the koala bear you ask?

Well now…LET ME SHOW YOU!!!!

We shall start at the beginning, first proving how I’m just the evilist of wifeys. The man started a new job in the IT department at UPMC Shadyside about a week ago. (Remember I work at Presby…we’re one big happy UPMC family.) He wakes up at 5 am…supposed to wake up at 5 am, so he goes to bed around 21:00. I go to bed around 23:30.

Lets take last night as a for instance. I was feeling particularly ornery…here’s what happened before I koala beared my husband.

The husband doesn’t like my hyper activity at 23:30 when he’s trying to sleep. He also doesn’t like ice-cold hands annndddd koala bearing.

I do. I shall continue to koala bear the husband. When you go to bed tonight…do¬† a surprise koala bear on your spouse.


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