MORE BABIES!!!!!!!!!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of pregnant women. So many of my friends are pregnant/having babies.


My guys haven’t been itty bitty for a while now. In fact we’re looking into pre-school for them. Yes, it’s that time. They’re turning 4 and it’s time for school.

I’ve been missing having a little baby and both Greg and I do want a little girl. So bad.

I started thinking today, maybe it’s time we start trying for #3.

But…as I daydreamed…reality came crashing in around me.

Notice the smile and the fact I’m lost in thought. Oh we’d be so happy!

Of course that happens. Of course I’m jolted of my happy little place and realize I am f*ckin nuts for even contemplating another baby now. I mean seriously…how can I handle two 3-year-olds and a newborn? Of course they would be 4 by time the baby is born but still…come on. INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!

My dreams are dashed.


6 thoughts on “MORE BABIES!!!!!!!!!

  1. It is becoming an epidemic as most of my married friends just had or are currently pregnant.
    Love the creativity in the cartoons.

  2. I have the exact same thing happen to me every time I consider having number three. Two boys keep my hopping everyday, but I still long for the baby girl of my dreams. Great post. Now following! Thanks!

  3. That made me smile. I can actually see this happening in an woman’s mind, or – me being a man – a man’s point of perspective too! Love the cartoons…

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