Do I really need my happy pills?

I was asked, the other day, if I really needed my Zoloft.

Considering my GP increased my dosage from 50 mg to 75 mg last week…I’d say yes.

While my Zoloft doesn’t help with the days when I’m a raging, hormonal bitch; it does help when I’m just being a crazy bitch. I’m still a sarcastically horrendous bitch, but I don’t think they make a pill for that yet.

I can’t express in words how I feel on and off Zoloft, so I will let my amazing paint pictures do the talking for me.

Did you notice happy I am? I mean I’m so happy I’m shitting rainbows. That’s pretty damn happy.

However, take away my Zoloft and you get this huge piece of crap…

Yeah…see the difference? I don’t like the second one. I don’t like feeling like that.

So to answer the question…Yes, yes I need my pills. I like being happy. It’s f*ckin awesome.


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