They sneak it in, you go to jail


The husband and I were watching a bit of news tonight. I’m not sure if it was CNN or Fox (yeah, we watch both.) but the news story was about a college professor who allowed his child(ren) to have a party. Well, as teenagers are…someone snuck in booze.

The professor ended up going to jail.

Now, this party wasn’t small. There were about 44 teenagers in this mans basement. That right there is asking for trouble.

He and his wife were clear about one thing: NO ALCOHOL.

How often do teenagers listen? Of course someone snuck in alcohol.

The professor checked on the kids twice. In the meantime he was taking them snacks, soda and made them brownies. (Awweeeee) During his check in’s he didn’t notice that some of the kids were getting drunk. Sure if there were 44 kids in my basement I probably wouldn’t notice a few getting drunk either.

A neighbor calls 911 to complain about the noise. Cops walk in and notice that “a few” of the teenagers appear inebriated. The professor claims to not know anything about it and not to have noticed anyone was drunk. He was charged with 44 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. One count for each minor at the party.

Now, here’s the big question. Should he be charged? Should he have been arrested? Does he deserve to pay for what his kid and friends did?

I vote yes, but I also think the wife should be held responsible as well.

Why should they be held responsible?

Because it’s their house, they are the hosts and there is no reason one of them couldn’t have stayed with the kids. While it may be “uncool” for the teenagers, it would be responsible of the parents. If they had kept a closer eye on things, the professor would not be facing 44 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

What’s more important in this situation? The child’s popularity at school…or not facing jail time by someone sneaking in alcohol?

The second thing…WHY DID THEY ALLOW 44 TEENAGERS????? 44…really? Isn’t that a bit excessive for a “celebration”? 20…sure. 30…ehhh no. 44…HELL NO! Like I stated earlier that is just asking for trouble. Did these parents not stop to think about the possibility of someone bringing/doing something wrong? I mean seriously, did they think everyone would be well-behaved?

While I don’t think he should have 44 counts unless everyone was intoxicated, but he should definitely be held responsible.

It’s a shame that his son didn’t say no, or tell those who thought it was a good idea to drink to leave. It’s a shame that his son let an illegal substance land his father in jail and face serious charges…maybe even loosing his job. This mans life could potentially be over, all because of alcohol and some kids desire to be “cool” or whatever reason they had for drinking.

I hope it was worth it for the kid…and I hope the parents learned a valuable lesson. I know I did. What is that lesson? Don’t trust kids and no party bigger than 10 people…


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