Those damn knuckle draggers…

I am from Pittsburgh.

I am a Pens fan. I hate the Caps and Caps fans.

I saw a status comment on my sidebar today of a person that is on my friends list. It’s in response to an individual selling tickets to a Pens/Caps game. He refuses to sell to a Pens fan.

Okay, I would probably refuse to sell to a Caps fan.

But it didn’t stop there. He and another person went on to insult ALL Pens fans.

Yes, apparently we are all morbidly obese, neck tattooed, whiskey swilling, knuckle dragging, gap toothed, mouth breathers.

Really Caps fan? Really? So, Mr. All high and mighty, you know EVERY SINGLE Pens fan alive? You do? Oh, so you know me and my family? Yes, we all have these glaring awful neck tattoos and drink whiskey all the time. And I am definitely a knuckle dragger. Cant you tell?

While I am not a Caps fan and really hate the craptastic Ovechdick, I haven’t stooped so low as to insult the entire Caps fan base.

Perhaps it’s time to stop taking the high road? Perhaps it’s time to recount all the awful, loud mouthed, fat, arrogant, ignorant, foul-mouthed Caps fans I’ve encountered.

But no, I shall take the high road. I will not talk about the stupid, ugly, empty-headed, air heads that make up the Caps fan base. Nope, I’m not going to do it. Why? Because most of us Pens fans are better than that. We don’t go to games to heckle other teams fans. Sure we get drunk and rowdy, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t limited to Pittsburgh fans.

Every team’s fan base has assholes. Even Pittsburgh fans have a few assholes among us. Does that make all of us stupid and fat? Nope.

So go ahead Mr. Rude Caps fan, keep on running your mouth. We’ll let our talking be done by our amazing boys on the ice. (Pssstttt….OVECHKIN SUCKS MONKEY ASS!)


One thought on “Those damn knuckle draggers…

  1. I know I’m a little late, but next time be like “Oh, what was that? I couldn’t read what you were righting because of the glare from the stanley cup!” or something along those lines. efff novetchkin and the cryers.

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