More about a writers group…

I have made a decision…

I am starting a writers/book club.

I plan on having the first meeting January 23 somewhere around the Pittsburgh area at 8:00 pm. (As long as weather is permitting)

I have to do a bit of searching to find a location that wouldn’t mind a small group of folks meeting there for an hour or so. But when I find a spot, I will post the location.

If you are interested in joining, whether you write or not, let me know @

This is going to be a group for seasoned writers, new writers or those who just love to read. (We will be needing betas) We will also be discussing the books we love, the books we hate and what’s coming out.

There will be no dues, just bring money for coffee (or a drink) if you want one.


14 thoughts on “More about a writers group…

  1. Btw, I have to tell you the reason I found your blog is that my husband owns big shot bobs in coraopolis and Avalon. I caught your blog on a google alert. BSB coraopolis has sit down so that might not be a bad spot either!

    • Are you serious???? My husband and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Big Shot Bob’s!!!!! It is definitely our favorite place to get wings and steak sandwiches. We usually order from the Avalon one a few times a month. lol.

      I’ve never been to the Coraopolis one. Is it a big dining area?

      • Yeah, haha. It’s not too big. About 25 seats. It’s about 4 times bigger than the Avalon one which was the first one. Cory opened a little over a year ago.

      • For starting off that wouldn’t be bad. Wings, beer and books. lol.

        Ohhhh those black n gold wings. I’m making myself hungry thinking about them.

      • It’s BYOB. Black and gold are good. Kind of a combo of my two faves: talk of beaver falls and black magic. I want some now too! Lol.

      • I will have to put the library and Big Shot Bob’s on my list of places. A nice bottle of lienenkeugle and wings would be amazing right now.

    • Is it one of the Carnegie Libraries? I was actually thinking about a library or a coffee shop.

      I would do it earlier, except I work weekends all day and my husband doesn’t get off work till 6 Monday-Friday. So 8 was the best time for me with kids, dinner and what not. I’ll definitely consider it though.

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