Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater

Soooo, I’ve been off work for the past few days. (Part-time, yay) Having the days off allows me to watch a bit of afternoon T.V.

Today, I caught the Maury show.

Aside from the fact 99.9% of the guests on the Maury show are complete trash, today it was another cheating episode.

Most of the people on here suspect their spouses, girl/boyfriends, fiance and what not of cheating. Usually they are.

Well, they had this guy on today. An expert of some sort, I suppose. Who is telling these men and women that they need to make it work…for the kids.

I’m sorry, but I’m calling BULLSHIT. How can you expect a person to remain married to an individual who constantly cheats on them? Who wants to stay in a marriage like that? Seriously? Why would any sane person stay with another knowing that they are/were out legs spread/pants down for anyone who wanted it?

Personally, no. Just no. That would be the straw that broke the camels back. Some things can be looked past. Some things forgiven. infidelity, for me at least, absolutely not. That equals a trip straight to the divorce lawyers office.

Yes, the kids may be upset, however; why subject children to parents who are miserable? Who don’t trust the other person? Who may no longer love one another? Isn’t that more detrimental to the child than divorce?

Then there was a couple, no children, that the man was cheating on the woman. A lot. Like a whole lot. Well, what was this “experts” opinion? Oh get marriage counseling. Really? The man is a serial cheater. He admitted to people he regretted marrying her and wishes he were single. What can counseling fix there? The man was cheating, doesn’t want to be married and threw out his wedding ring. Deal breaker when the man admits he doesn’t want to be married. No amount of counseling can force a person to want to be married and in love when they aren’t. It just isn’t going to happen.

For other issues, yes I believe marriage counseling can help. But in some instances (cheating, abuse, admitting you aren’t in love with each other) marriage counseling just is not the answer.

While I am not an advocate of divorce and I believe that if you truly love and trust one another and don’t feel like you’re in danger from an abusive person, make it work. Get the help you need.

Heck, perhaps you are one of those folks who can forgive infidelity, get counseling and move on from it. Me, I’m not. It is something that would literally eat at me and eat at me until I just exploded.

If you are one of those who forgive and move on. All the more power to you. If you aren’t, well, stay strong and know that you aren’t a heartless bitch/asshole for wanting to be happy. You aren’t a bad person for wanting to be with a faithful partner and to be happy. We all deserve to be happy and to have someone who would remain faithful to us.


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